Weekly Yoga Classes in Molunat with

Gillie Sutherland

I am delighted to announce that from I will be taking live yoga classes in Molunat, Croatia!

Tuesdays and Thursdays 0800 – 0900hr

Next to Monika Restaurant by the beach

*** All levels welcome

*** Donations

*** Private group sessions and 1-1s also available

To book email or WhatsApp 00 44 7530 012490

Lancana Terrace
  • Create a healthy body, which is balanced in strength and flexibility
  • Calm the busy mind, and find peace within
  • Unlock the body’s healing systems to feel more energised yet light
  • Raise your vibrational frequency to improve all areas of your life!

My style of yoga is “wild“, which is based on the premise that “the closer to nature you are, the healthier you are”, and yoga, which means “to join” is about bringing us back into a state of harmony and balance, as nature intended.

This means that it is accessible for all levels, even if you have never done yoga before. We work with awareness of your own body, and what feels right for you. There is no competition or judgement, just feel-good vibes.

Molunat is the perfect place to do yoga.

A charming fishing village, less than half an hour South of Dubrovnik, is ecologically preserved and is set around a beautiful bay, where you can enjoy peace and tranquility and the healing powers of nature.

Done outside, the benefits are even greater. We work with the 5 elementsEarth, Air, Water, Fire and Space – to bring you back into your natural state of balance, and feel greater levels of health and happiness.

As your teacher, I will help you understand how your body works, with carefully designed sequences, whilst ensuring your comfort and safety throughout.

It is also important for you to enjoy it, so I try to put the fun into it too!

I have over 20 years of experience of health and wellbeing, and as well as being a highly qualified Yoga Teacher, I am also trained in Meditation, Mindfulness, Pilates and Personal Training. I hold a BA (Hons) in Physical Education, and I also teach SUP Yoga and Aerial Yoga.

I am a Trainer and Assessor, which means I am also able to train new yoga teachers, and one of my aims here is to find someone local to be able to run their own classes and help on my yoga holidays.

Whether for you or your guests, I am able to tailor experiences to suit you, in and around Molunat, whether it is yoga classes, private sessions, yoga brunches, or yoga holidays.

If you have any questions do feel free to contact me

Or on WhatsApp 00 44 7530 012 490