Yoga Classes in Cavtat

Wild, playful yoga for all levels, overlooking the stunning Cavtat bay, just as the sun starts to warm the day!

Join a group of like-minded souls, led by International Yoga Teacher Gillie Sutherland, making the most of the healthful benefits of nature, while you nourish your body and soul with some Mindful Yoga for all levels.

No experience needed, as long as you can breathe (and smiling helps!), you can do this.

Basically we are plants, animals, creatures of nature, and when we bring oursleves back into a state of harmony and balance with our environment, this is when we are at our best.

We need Earth, Water, Sun, Air and Space….. here in Croatia, we have all this in abundance!

Classes are held weekdays throughout JUNE

1000 – 1100hr

Location: Beach Bar Banac

Cost 50 kunas per class or 150 kunas for unlimited classes in a week

For more information contact me

Or WhatsApp +385 916 190 347

Looking forward to seeing you

Gillie xx