Soma Dance (one off class)

Friday 5th March 2021

630 – 730pm UK time

1930 – 2030 CET

Soma Dance Class with Gillie

Live class plus recording of Spirals In Action with Gillie Sutherland Friday 5th March 2021 630-730pm UK time



Throughout almost 30 years in the field of health and wellbeing, but also on my own healing journey, I have discovered that the most effective way of discharging stress from the body is to “dance like no-one’s watching”.

What we now know about the body is that given the right environment, and tools, it knows exactly how to release stuck energy, stress and old trauma.

There is a process to follow however, and it requires a somatic approach, which I will guide you through. This will help you go into your “feeling” state and out of your “thinking” state, so you can just let your body do what it is designed to do, helped along with some carefully-chosen music, and guided moving meditations.

Moving away from the linear and repetitive movement patterns of much of modern yoga and exercise regimes, we focus on freedom of movement, and tuning into the body’s innate wisdom, to find our way back to our wild, natural selves.

As well as stress relief, this is a great way to build self-confidence learn to love your body again, and if you’re shy at first, it doesn’t matter, because you can do it at home where no-one is watching!

Why not join me on this journey to re-claim your wild and unleash the dancer that is within us all!

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