Online Classes

Zoom Classes with Gillie

Fun, accessible, mindful, healing, inspired by nature, grounded in science

Although the classes are delivered live on Zoom at specific times, you will also receive a link to watch the class again and again at your own time, so it doesn’t matter if you miss the allocated time, you will still get to enjoy the class.

Weekly Online Class Schedule:

Join us online around the virtual fire

Rise and Shine every weekday 745-845am in November

745-815am Uplifting, Energising Mindful Movement with Motivation to kickstart your day

(From 7am Miracle Mornings free on a Monthly Pass)

Daily movement, motivation and mindfulness to kickstart your day, boost your mood, feel connected, and bring a little joy and lightness to your day.

Every day is different as I work with the different energies of that day, the cycles of nature, and what’s going on in the astrological calendar.

All sessions are recorded so you can watch them at any time and stay fgor 30 minutes, 15 minutes or a whole hour!

Rest and Restore (Pre-Recorded Class 1 x per month)

You have to feel it to heal it. This unique practise is designed for healing – whether it is old or current trauma, ongoing PTSD, or short term anxiety and depression. This a body-centred practise, working with the fascial network and our nervous system – the body’s natural intelligence – for all levels. Expect lots of groundwork, movement that feels good, and a better night’s sleep at the end of it!

Monthly Access All Areas Class Pass

Unlimited Classes in November 2021 **Includes Rise and Shine , Miracle Mornings, Rest and Restore, Soma Dance and a 2 hour Specialist Workshop


Rise and Shine 2021

30 minute morning classes Live on Zoom 745am UK time weekdays All through November


Single Class

One class delivered by Zoom, including link to watch again and download. Email to book your class



  • Create a healthy body, which is balanced in strength and flexibility
  • Calm the busy mind, and find peace within
  • Unlock the body’s healing systems to feel more energised yet light
  • Raise your vibrational frequency to improve all areas of your life!

My style of yoga is “wild“, which is based on the premise that “the closer to nature you are, the healthier you are”, and yoga, which means “to join” is about bringing us back into a state of harmony and balance, as nature intended.

This means that it is accessible for all levels, even if you have never done yoga before. We work with awareness of your own body, and what feels right for you. There is no competition or judgement, just feel-good vibes.

It’s about diversity, inclusivity, acceptance, and LOVE LOVE LOVE.

We will be helping you to raise your vibrational frequency, by finding what feels good for you, using positive intentions, and helping you feel at home in your body.

We will be harnessing the healing powers of nature, working with the Five Elements and the Chakra system, and maybe even managing to blow a rainbow or two out of our asses!!

Invite all the family to join you when you sign up, and make it fun!

Start the good vibes now and join the tribe of Wild Warriors in the energy of LOVE!


My yoga is inspired by nature, and grounded in science.

I bring 30 years of experience in the field of health and wellbeing, and my intention is to help you heal rather than achieve the perfect yoga pose.

My background in Sports Science and Human Movement Studies means that I have a sound knowledge of how the body works, and this underpins everything I do.

I also use a mindful and somatic approach, meaning that I am here to facilitate the process of you understanding your own unique body and how it works, so you can bring it back into it’s natural state of balance and harmony.

If you have any questions about my style or my background you can email me directly on or follow the link below.