How To Book

Booking Classes:

Class sizes are limited for the comfort of students and also ensure the classes can be managed properly.

Classes can be booked online here

You can sign up as a Member to receive significant discounts and book in advance or you can pay per class at a rate of £12 per class.


How To Pay


From February 16th 2018, I will be launching a new Membership scheme to allow for easier payments, priority bookings on classes, events and retreats, and access to online resources, whilst maintaining flexibility so you can fit your classes around your schedule and holidays.


Classes will still have to be booked, and booked by 9am on the Monday of that week to guarantee your place.


This is a very simple tiered system, which will allow for regular monthly payments at a significantly reduced cost to paying class by class. The options are as follows:


Subscriber Member:                         £10 per month                      1 class per month


Basic Member:                       £35 per month                      4 classes per month


Regular Member:                  £45 per month                      8 classes per month


Premier Member:                 £55 per month                      Unlimited classes


  • Full benefits and details of each Membership option are overleaf




Membership Options




Subscriber Member           £10 per month


– 1 class per month (after that £12 drop ins available)

– Weekly newsletter


Basic Member                      £35 per month


  • 4 classes per month
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Seasonal video
  • 50% off seasonal launch and special events such as foam rolling workshops
  • Advance notice of 2 days of any advertised events and retreats


Regular Member                 £45 per month


  • 8 classes per month
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Seasonal video
  • 50% off seasonal launch and special events such as foam rolling workshops
  • Advance notice of 3 days of any advertised events and retreats
  • 50% off online courses


Premier Member                            £55 per month


  • Unlimited classes per month
  • All of above benefits plus advance notice of 7 days of any events and retreats, plus free online courses and free access to Seasonal Launches


NB When subscribing to a Membership, you are not under any obligation for more than a month at a time, there is no contract and you just pay for the month you would like to subscribe. Credits are assigned once payment is made.



All Memberships are available online at


If you decide not to subscribe to a Membership, there is still the option of paying as a drop-in at a rate of £12.


Please note that in order to manage bookings and keep accurate accounts, I will not be taking cash payments (unless extenuating circumstances or by prior arrangement).


If you have any questions please feel to email me

You will then be required to register and enter your payment details. The payment gateway is a secure online system, similar to Paypal, where your details will be kept safe.

After signing up, you will be returned to the customer area where you will have the choice to book classes as you wish.

The customer area is accessed at the bottom of the class booking page. Just click on “Back to Customer Area”.

It’s a good idea to save the Customer Area page to your laptop or phone for making future bookings