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Teacher Training

FlyFit Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

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35 hour Certification

* Dates of live training:

Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th December 2019


* Location:

Revitalize Studios, Topsham

This course enables participants to gain the competence and confidence to teach aerial yoga in a class or one-to-one environment, using specifically designed yoga hammocks.


This is an assessed course, where teaching and practical application is the main focus, however, each student receives a comprehensive manual as a study guide and for future reference.


The manual will contain two to three hours of aerial yoga moves, with photos and teaching points. Also a four week course with lesson plans that can be used for safe and effective delivery.


Course Contents

The course will be based on the principles of experiential learning, however, it will include theoretical understanding of the practice and especially health and safety aspects.


PART ONE: Introduction to Aerial Yoga

  • Aerial / Anti-Gravity in the context of yoga
  • Benefits of Aerial Yoga – physical, physiological, psychological, neurological, emotional and spiritual.
  • Setting up your aerial hammocks = health and safety
  • Contraindications
  • Self-Regulation


PART TWO: Class Structure and Delivery


For each section, we will initially discuss the aims and objectives and safety considerations. The trainer will lead the section of the class, then the students will get the chance to take notes before teaching it for themselves.


  • Pre-class brief and preparation
  • Opening meditation
  • Warming Up and Mobilising
  • Entering and Exiting The Swing
  • Sun Salutations
  • Downward Dog and Forward Folds
  • Leg Sequences
  • Inversions
  • Restorative Poses
  • Savasana


PART THREE: Setting up as an Aerial Yoga Teacher


  • Class Sequencing
  • Equipment and Choosing a Venue
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Next Steps / CPD


On completion, you will receive a Certificate and a Manual. You will also receive help in setting up your classes and marketing, and there is the potential of running classes for Flow Yoga Devon.

However, once certified, teachers will be able to gain their own insurance, and operate independently as an Aerial Yoga Teacher



Course Fees:​


£425 for group course or £750 one-to-one


** Early Bird discount £375 if booked before 15th November 2019


FlyFit Aerial Yoga Teacher Training copyright Gillie Sutherland 2019


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  1. zoe drake says:

    I am looking to find a course as a yoga teacher to train to be an instructor can you recommend anyone or a course ?




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