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My approach to yoga is that it should be accessible to everyone, and I try to allow for all levels of ability and experience in my classes. However, if you have any special conditions, or if you are worried about joining a class with others, I am happy to take you for a private session initially, so I can assess you and give you any modifications you may need, but also to give you the confidence to go into your first class, with a bit more knowledge of what to expect.

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In my yoga teaching I draw upon my 20 years of experience in health and fitness, and the body’s ability to heal itself, which I have made my lifelong learning journey. I am a qualified Fitness Instructor, Registered Yoga Teacher (hatha, ashtanga, SUP and aerial), Pilates Teacher, and Accredited Coach and Trainer.

I try to strike the balance between learning and fun, challenge and relaxation, and between the science and the spirituality. I am constantly evolving my own practise and varying what I teach. I come at it from an intuitive level, using everything that I have learned about health and healing over the years to help you build your own practise based on awareness and re-connecting with your body.



Wild Yoga is a uniqie style of yoga I have developed over the years, based on the concept that the closer to nature we are, the healthier we are. Also that we are all creatures of nature, we are plants not machines, and we are all unique flowers in the same garden, but we all bloom differently.

My work is inspired by nature, yet grounded in science. I work towards healing the body to bring it back into its natural state, I am not concerned with the aesthetics or gymnastics in yoga, it’s about how it feels not what it looks like.

My mantra is “Smile and Breathe!”, because I want you to enjoy it, and get the very best out of it, for you. I encourage a non-competitive class environment, and often friendships develop through yoga which are both supportive and nourishing, and this makes me smile a lot too!

If you have any questions or would just like to have a chat about the classes and sessions I do, please get in touch or 07530 012 490

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