Yoga On The Beach


We’re taking it online!!!

Until the time comes that we are able to have group sessions delivered on Exmouth Beach, we are running these sessions via Zoom, for people to enjoy at home, in their own back yard, or even on the beach but socially-distanced!!!

Although the classes are delievered live on Zoom at specific times, you will also receive a link to watch the class again and again at your own time, so it doesn’t matter if you miss the allocated time, you will still get to enjoy the class.

On the evening before the class, you will be sent the link to access the class. The password will change each week, so make sure you use the most recent link!

You can also download the classes to keep to follow again and again!

Yoga On The Beach July class pass

Unlimited classes to choose from throughout June Upto 12 classes Live on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.15-8.15am Saturdays 10-11am


Yoga On The Beach 4 class pass

Block of 4 classes to use for either Tuesdays / Thursdays 7.15 - 8.15am Saturdays 10-11am


Yoga On The Beach Single Class

One class delivered by Zoom, including link to watch again and download



Led by two experienced teachers Gillie Sutherland and Chrissie Tarbitt, these sessions will have the same feel-good and inclusive vibes we had in the summer on Exmouth Beach!

Why not set up your own “beach” at home, whether it’s in the back garden or the back room, wear some bright rainbow colours, join us on Zoom, and we will take care of the rest?

Our style will be Rainbow Yoga, which means it’s for everyone, no matter what level you are at and what you can do.

It’s about diversity, inclusivity, acceptance, and LOVE LOVE LOVE.

We will be helping you to raise your vibrational frequency, by finding what feels good for you, using positive intentions, and helping you feel at home in your body.

We will be harnessing the healing powers of nature, working with the Five Elements and the Chakra system, and maybe even managing to blow a rainbow or two out of our asses!!

Invite all the family to join you when you sign up, and make it fun!

These classes will run online until the point that we are able to run it on the beach itself.

Start the good vibes now and join the tribe of Rainbow Warriors in the energy of LOVE!

To sign up email me