Flow Yoga and Sea Swim

Feel The Flow!

Life is full of ebbs and flows, and learning to ride the waves, both in our bodies and in our minds, can help us better navigate the choopy waters when we need to, but also open oursleves to new possibilities for joy and pleasure.

We are fluid beings, made up of 70% water, and the way we move should reflect this. Moving with the fluidity and magic beneath the skin helps us be more free and flexible in our lives as a whole.

In this stunning setting by the water of Rixos beach, one of the most popular swimmung spots in Dubrovnik, we will experience the power of the blue mind, looking out to sea whilst mastering the art of vinyasa – breath-synchronised movement.

Learning to link breath to movement has an extraordinary effect on the brain chemistry, as does cold water therapy, so a swim afterwards is really going to ramp up the feel-good factor! The sea isn’t even that cold now, so it will just be a nice refreshing dip to revive mind, body and soul, and leave you feeling fantastic!!

Led by Gillie Sutherland, a highly experienced Yoga Teacher and Wellness Consultamt, who specilises in healing throuugh nature, and mindful, somatic movement, with a playful edge!

This class is for all levels, as modifications will be given, and as long as you can breathe and smile you can do yoga!

For all enquiries and for alterative means of booking contact Gillie on gilliesutherland@me.com

Otherwise book below to receive full details