Rise Up 21

Moving From Fear To Freedom

“Inside every one of us lives the seed of a flower, if we look within we find beauty and power”

Join us on a journey to rise like the lotus from the mud, and recognise the pure potential that is within us all to not just get through these times, but start to rise up and build a better future for ourselves as well as the next generation.

We each have the power within us to live a life of more freedom, greater sense of wellbeing and better connection with ourselves, with each other and with the planet

We do this by raising our vibrational frequency, using movement, meditation, mantra, motivation, and spending time in nature, and around others on a similar path

This workshop has been put together as a celebration – of how far we have come, what we still have ahead of us, and the love within us that knows the way,

Moving from fear to freedom in our practise will help us embody this state in our everyday lives.

As we begin to release ourselves from the attachment to what is no longer, and look ahead with hope for the future, we can rise up, like the lotus flower out of the mud, and start to create a better world right now

The time is now for us to find our light again, and to shine it bright to lead the way for others.

Join me around the virtual fire, in a safe and supportive space, and allow me to inspire you to become who you came here to be

To reserve your place book below or email me gilliesutherland@me.com

Rise Up 21

A 2 hour workshop with Gillie Sutherland Saturday 30th January 2021 10.30am – 12.30pm