Can’t get away on holiday but in need of a wellness break?


I’ve put together a full Wild Retreat Experience, including a schedule of 3 yoga classes a day for the duration of a week, as you would get if you were on a retreat with me. This also includes educational material, recipes, and guidelines for taking your own wellness week at home.

Why not do it with a friend, your family, of a group of like-minded people and support each other along the way and share the experience?

I am doing this on a donation-only basis, with suggested donation of £10-35.


Once you have made your donation (and please state what the donation is for on your Paypal Payment), I will send you access instructions by email for you to start the course whenever you like.

The week-long retreat follows a process I use when people come away with me, a journey through the 5 elements, learning and discovering along the way about how we align ourselves with nature to achieve a state of wellbeing.

Each day you get 3 different classes that I have chosen from my other online courses as the class I would be delivering on that specific day on retreat.

However, these classes have been designed specifically for these challenging times, for instance, you will receive the whole Nurture: Self-Care In Difficult Times course as part of this online retreat.

We will focus on :

  • Maintaining a strong immune system
  • Keeping your energy flowing and in balance
  • How to manage stress, anxiety and uncertainty.

Class 1:

There is an Early Morning class to do before breakfast when you wake up. This is a shorter sequence, but sets you up for the day, and if that’s all you can manage in the morning, then you can do the other ones later.

Class 2:

This is a Longer Morning sequence, which you can either do straight after the first one, or you could have a light breakfast, maybe just a shake or a smoothie, or yoghurt-based meal, and wait for an hour or two before doing the second one. Ideally you wantto get this class done by 12pm, and eat your lunch 12-2pm.

Class 3:

The Evening sequence is less energising than the morning sessions, and is designed to wind you down and help you sleep. Ideally this should be done before dinner, so perhaps 5-630pm is ideal. Then you have a light meal in the evening and spend the rest of the night preparing for a good night’s sleep.

I’ll also send you ideas of recipes you can do at home that we would have on retreat, and ideas of what activities to do, like journalling and mindful walking.

This course is valued at £110 (£5 per class), but as a special for Lockdown I am offering it on a donation-only basis (suggested donation £10 – £35)


Once you have made your donation I will send you an email confirming your payment, and send you the breakdown of the week and the classes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me gilliesutherland@me.com