The Art Of Hygge

Self-Care, Self-Compassion and Self-Love!

Hygge is the secret to health and happiness in Denmark, and is regarded as the most powerful antidote to the winter blues. The closest translation we have here is “the art of cosiness”, but it’s so much more.

But who better to explain it than a Dane, who lives and breathes the concept of hygge.

I met Anabelle from Skandi Hygge on retreat last year, and she is a phenomenal woman, a wild spirit with a warm soul, strong but kind, she is an inspiration as well as a rock of support for many. Her pearls of wisdom and story-telling ability leave you just wanting to spend more time in her presence!

Dr Ananbelle is also a Clinical Psychologist with a holistic approach, specilising in mindfulness-based therapies and compassionate-focused therapy, working out of The Senate in Exeter.

Catch her talk here on Sunday live on Zoom!!!

The Art of Hygge

A hour with Dr Anabelle Denney live on Zoom Sunday 1st November 2020 3-4pm Also recorded to download and watch again

10.00 £

Live Weekend Immersion 1 person

Retreat At Home Weekend Immersion. Please state which dates from: 30th October – 2nd November 2020 27th – 29th November 2020

55.00 £