I am delighted and excited to be able to share with you:

The Halloween Weekend Retreat …..

Enjoy from wherever you are…

Take a weekend off just for you, recruit a Wellness Buddy, or even a group of friends or colleagues and enjoy an immersive journey through the Five Elements, to bring you back into balance, and re-discover your unique wild and wonderful self!

Live Weekend Immersion 1 person

Retreat At Home Weekend Immersion. Please state which dates from: 30th October – 2nd November 2020 27th – 29th November 2020

55.00 £



  • Re-set your system, to sleep better, learn to relax and restore, with mindful movement sessions, yoga, meditation and more
  • Follow a carefully designed programme, and re-learn how to best nourish your body with guidelines on what, when and how to eat according to the seasons and circadian rhythms
  • Enjoy 7 guided sessions live on Zoom to balance your energy, develop somatic awareness, and create freedom in body and mind.
  • Take time for reflection and developing self-awareness through journalling, guided meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Invest time and space for you and your wellbeing, in a supportive environment with a group of like-minded souls on a similar path

Most of all, be inspired to feel good in a fun and inclusive way!


Friday 30th October – Sunday 1st November 2020

How It Works:

Prior to the weekend, you will receive guidelines as to how to best prepare for your Retreat, including a suggested shopping list (nothing is strict, it’s all about choices!)

We will join together on Zoom from Friday evening, and start the programme of classes that will be live and in real time!

Check out the schedule here

Throughout the weekend you will have choices as to how you spend your spare time, and I will help inspire you with ideas to make the experience as enjoyable and effective as possible.

** All sessions will be recorded for you to keep and enjoy at any time in the future.

Why not share the experience with a Wellness Buddy and enjoy it together at a discounted rate?

COST: £55 person (or £45 per person if two people)

Why not host your own Retreat At Home, pay nothing and receive group discount for your friends? Contact me for details.