Wild Retreat At Home

The Full Retreat Experience from wherever you are!

Join me on a journey back to you, with an immersive week or weekend of wellbeing, from the comfort of your own home or the venue of your choice.

Why be restricted by travel or cost, when you have the option of enjoying classes, workshops, meditation sessions, and a full programme of nourishing and restorative practises I have put together based on my 28 years of experience in the field?


Choose from a week-long retreat you can do at your own pace, or join me live online for a whole weekend as part of a group

7 day Online Retreat

Live Weekend Immersion

Host Your Own Retreat


The retreat follows a process I use when people come away with me, a journey through the 5 elements, learning and discovering along the way about how we align ourselves with nature to achieve a state of wellbeing.


We will start with Grounding and going back to basics, re-setting your system and making sure you sleep well, and can relax and be fully present throughout the experience. Learn how to work with the laws of nature, and use the Earth as a battery to recharge you whenever you need


Carefully designed movement practices – inspired by nature, and grounded in science – will help you release long-held stress patterns and guide you towards more flow and freedom in your body and your mind. I use mindful, somatic and primal movement, which is safe and accessible for all.


What we put into our bodies, and how well we nourish ourselves, with food and other “fuel” is key to an optimum experience. Throughout your retreat, I will guide you as to what and how to eat, as well as how to work with the Circadian rhythms, to help sustain your energy short and long term.


Learn breathing techniques from traditional Yoga as well as the highly respected Wim Hof Method, and be inspired to try something new to blow away the cobwebs of your mind, and breathe some new and fresh air into your life. Maybe you’ll even join me for some cold water therapy??? Or a mindful walk in nature if this doesn’t float your boat!


Most importantly, by committing some time and space for you, you will gain a new self-awareness, and start to rediscover your true “wild”. With guided meditations as well as time for journalling and self-reflection, you will find that “the magic happens in the space“. You just need to take the time to look for it.

If you’re ready to get started then just click on the programme you are interested in, and I will send you the details you need by email.

7 Day Online Retreat

Live Weekend Immersion

Host Your Own Retreat


I’ve been running Wellness Retreats for over 15 years now, both in the UK and internationally, and in that time, I have seen over 2000 people go through a journey to improve their wellbeing.

It is the most rewarding work I do as I literally see people come “back to life”. No matter how they arrive – frazzled, worn out, no energy, fed up, or just in need of some space – the changes I see take place never cease to astound me.

My work has evolved over the years, as I realised I had a “foot in both camps” – science and spirituality. It has been in more recent years, and through my own healing journey, that I realised the answer lay in where these two worlds met.

The answer is nature.

What we have discovered in more recent years is that we are plants, no machines, we are unique creatures of nature, and when in nature there is always a state of harmony and balance.

When we work with the laws of nature, when we move, eat and live in a way that is aligned to nature, we find our way back home, to ourselves.

In my work, I aim to inspire people to find their own wild. To acceot their unique qualities, to work with what they have and to use a mindful approach to commit to their own healing journey.

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To sign up for your Wild Retreat At Home choose the prgramme you are interested in and I will send you joining instructions by email.

7 Day Online Retreat

Start anytime, gain access to all the content on the website, including 3 classes a day, educational resources and guidelines, recipes and lots of inspiration for your wellness journey.

Cost: Donation only (suggested donation £10 – £35)


Live Weekend Immersion

Join me live from Friday evening to Sunday evening for a series of sessions via Zoom, plus all you need to Retreat At Home.

Why not enlist a Wellness Buddy or group of friends, family or colleagues and do it together?

Cost: £55 for the Weekend (0r £45 per person if two joining)

(Group discounts also available when you Host Your Own Retreat)


Special Rates

I believe that wellebing should be accessible for all, and although I do need to charge for my services in order to continue offering courses like this, I do not want you to be excluded for financial reasons, so please, if you are unable to afford this, then get in touch and I will be happy to help.

Contact me direct on gilliesutherland@me.com