Wild Camp Information






Welcome to Wild Camp. We are really looking forward to you joining us for some unplugging and recharging in nature, as well as a little bit of fun I laughter, I hope.

Here are the details and the itinerary for the weekend. You can so as much as little as you please and we hope to cater for all tastes budgets, but please let us know if there is anything else you need.

What To Bring:

  • If you are staying in one of the bell tents you only need to bring bedding, and a camping mat or blow up bed.
  • Otherwise you need to bring all your own camping equipment
  • A yoga mat and a beach towel
  • A water bottle which you can top up
  • If you like your own coffees etc in the morning then you may want to bring your own. We will have a bar be cue and some flasks of hot water but that will be limited.
  • Layers of clothing and maybe a blanket for the walk to the woods on Saturday evening.
  • Your own snacks and any medication you are on
  • Comfortable shoes for walking
  • Swimsuit, shorts and t-shirts if you are doing SUP



Arrival:                  4pm

The camp will be ready to occupy from 4pm, but if you would like to come earlier you are welcome, as there is a barn which has sofas and refreshments available.

When you arrive come into the barn and the reception is there. They will guide you where to go.

When you arrive you will have time to set up and settle in before any activities start. This is a good time to walk around the camp, to get your bearings and to help ground you


Activity 1:            6.30 – 7.30pm    Outdoor Yoga with Live Cello accompaniment

This is a very simple and grounding session with the delicious sounds of the cello to help you connect to your surroundings and get a good night’s sleep.

It will take place in the Apple Orchard, which is part of the camp.


Meal:                    8pm onwards    Camp Bar Be Cue

We have hired a bar be cue for the duration of the weekend from the camp, and for those that would like it, we will be cooking some bits and pieces, like homemade kebabs, and local sausages, as well as a selection of accompaniments for just £5 a head.

Feel free to bring your own wine or drinks or any food of your own.




An early breakfast is not provided, as we recommend doing yoga on an empty stomach, but we will have some bananas, peanut butter and rolls for those that need to eat before class.

 Activity 2:          8.45am                                 Walk To The Beach


This is a really lovely walk taking us to the coast path, and the end of Exmouth Beach, at Orcombe Point. A great way to clear the head and set yourself up for a good day.


Activity 3:            10 – 11am                           Yoga On The Beach


Join the rest of the regular rainbow warriors on the beach for a feel-good wild yoga session with Gillie, soaking up all the good vibes and natural energy.


Meal:                    11.30am                               Brunch Sandwiches

You will be able to put in your order for these the night before, and they will arrive on the beach for you after class.

There is also the pop-up café Bumble and Bee right there who do fantastic coffee, and I have arranged for an ice-cream seller to be there for those that would really like to feel by the seaside.


FREE TIME:         12 – 5 pm

  • This is your chance to relax and take some space. We will have Suzanne the massage therapist available for massages all afternoon, as well as at other times in the weekend. Suzanne is the best in the business, also massage therapist for Stoke City Football Club, we worked together for many years on FitFarms and I have never heard such good feedback on massages. She really does work magic!
    • £35 for 40 minutes
    • £45 for 1 hour
    • £60 for 1 ½ hours


Activity 4:            5 – 5.45pm          MINDFUL MOVEMENT

A gentle session incorporating the 10 mindful movements, based on the work of Thich Nhat Hahn, as well as some quiet meditation in the Apple Orchard.


Activity 5:            6pm onwards    WALK TO THE WOODS with Forage, Food and Fire session

Our woodsman Gareth and forager Dee will be leading us on a short hike up to the woods, where we will set up for the evening.

We will forage for herbs on the way up, build our own campfire, and then cook our own food – a hearty stew and flatbreads that we will make ourselves.

This is a real Wild Night Out, a learning experience as well as a good social around the fire, with marshmallows, for just £15 a head.





Activity 6:            8.– 9am                                Wake Up In The Wild Yoga

A balanced yoga session, a bit of yin and yang, enough to wake you up and energise you, but not so much that you’re exhausted for the day. This day is about balance in every way!


Meal:                    9.30am                 Brunch

Just a breakfast sandwich cooked on the bar be cue, think bacon and avocado sandwiches, or whatever mix you prefer, as you’ll be welcome of the energy!


Activity 7:            11.30am – 2pm SUP SAFARI

We go down to the beach near Sandy Bay with the guys from Red Rock Leisure and enjoy a paddleboarding adventure….where to exactly will be tide and weather dependent… we just need to go with the flow… but I will be hoping we can get a chance to make some shapes at some point as that’s where the fun is!!


Meal:                    3pm       FAREWELL FEAST

In true wild-style we will be using up leftovers and creating what we can on the bar be cue, as you will be ready for food! This often works out strangely well, for just £5 a head.


4pm Farewells – hopefully leaving full recharged and maybe even with some new friends!




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