The Rebirth Retreat

Join us around the virtual fire for a healing journey of yoga, meditation, mindfulness, dance, and connection to embrace the new energy of Spring with a renewed sense of hope, light and faith in the Universe.

Spring is far more than the changing of the seasons, it is a rebirth of spirit.

Which may feel more needed than every this year, and as always, we can look to nature for inspiration.

“If we look at how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing herself, you cannot help but learn”.

Bernie Siegel

Part of the process of re-birthing is looking at things differently, with fresh eyes, and embracing the changing times with a new perspective. It is the powerful process of transformation which lies at the heart of all growth, development, and growth.

The death of yesterday is the birth of today.

This doesn’t mean we forget everything we learned, or what was before; it just means we can shed old skins that no longer serve us, and begin the transformation from caterpillar to butterly. It is a time of metamorphosis, or deep healing, yet we need to be conscious that it is not as simple as a journey from A to B.

The Path isn’t a Straight Line; it’s a Spiral. You continually come back to things that you thought you understood and see deeper and deeper Truths”.

Throughout the weekend, I will be introducing you to the new paradigm in movement and in healing, the rebirth of yoga, as we move away from a linear model to a more organic process, recognising the fact that we are indeed plants not machines.

You will learn, and feel in the body, a more natural way of moving, in tune with the laws of nature, using arcs, spirals and waves, and how this can re-set and re-new your nervous system as well as the architecture of your body.

Join live for the whole of the weekend, and get all the recordings to keep and watch again, or just pay per session.

The whole weekend is just £25 or you can pay £10 per session.

NB If you sign up for a Monthly Pass you get the weekend included!

The schedule for the weekend looks like this:

  • Good Friday 2nd April 8 – 9am Rise Up and Salute The Sun – an uplifting, feel-good session combining movements from yoga, qi gong, and mindful movement to kickstart the weekend, inspire and motivate
  • Good Friday 2nd April 630 8 pm Soma Dance – Shake It Out! The body knows the score, it knows how to move to release the old stuck energy and bring itself back into balance. We just need to dance it out!
  • Saturday 3rd April 9 – 11am Spirals In Motion – A 2 Hour Masterclass exploring the magical power of spirals, the geometry of all growth and healing, and how we can use them in movement to transform our energy as well as the form and function of the body.
  • Easter Sunday 4th April 10-11.30am Warriors of Light – A slow but powerful Moving Meditation to awaken the renewed spirit and bring the light back into the body. Harness the power of your inner light to go and shine it out into the world!
  • Easter Monday 5th April 6- 730pm Rest Your Soul – A gentle and restorative practise to soothe the body and mind, and boost the hormones that help you sleep, feel more relaxed and give comfort your through difficult times.
  • Ending with Cocoa Around The Virtual Fire

Rebirth Retreat (full weekend)

Access to all live classes plus recordings for £25 per person



April Monthly Class Pass

Unlmited classes plus recordings throughout April Plus FREE EASTER WEEKEND REBIRTH RETREAT


To purchase a single class (or two) just make a donation to for the amount (£10 per session) and write in the notes which classes you would like to attend.

For any questions please feel free to drop me an email on