Slivers of Light

Slivers of Light – Daily Reflections To Bring You Out Of The Darkness.

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About Slivers of Light

There are days, or periods of time in our lives, when it feels like everything is falling apart, and it’s impossible to find a way out of the darkness.

This is when we need a “sliver of light”.

A sliver of light is just a tiny shard, a glimmer of hope, that reminds us that things will get better, and we can find a way out of the black hole we have found ourselves in.

Written by Yoga Teacher and Wellbeing Expert, Gillie Sutherland of HappyFit, this is a collection of short essays, written from first-hand experience, each of which are, in themselves, a “sliver of light”.

This is an invitation to take the small steps, just 15 minutes in your day, when you can unplug somewhere and get some inspiration, wisdom and hope to bring you back to life.

21 slivers of Light, 21 days to change a habit. Only 1 choice to make – stay in the dark, or find your way slowly back to the light.

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