Wild Warrior Workshop in Topsham

Wild Warrior Workshop Topsham (Elysium sequence)

The latest, seasonal sequence in the Wild Warrior series Finding heaven on earth, bringing light into the darkness, this is an uplifting sequence to help you get through the gloomier winter months, through grounding mindfulness, heart opening, and putting the hygge into your practice! Saturday 21st December 2019 2019 12-3pm Revitalize Studios, White Street, Topsham


This is The Way Of The Wild Warrior….

A healing journey through mindful movement …

Inspired by nature, and grounded in science, this is a workshop to introduce you to a sequence that anyone can do, from anywhere…

This is an amalgamation of 30 years of study and practise, incorporating yoga, dance, martial arts, somatic experiencing, primal movement, modern psychology, ancient wisdom, mindfulness and the 5 elements.

“Do no harm, take no shit” is our mantra, as we learn to lead from an open heart, but with strong boundaries… the body knows how to achieve this…. strong back, soft front…

In this half day workshop, I will guide you through The Way Of The Wild Warrior and you will leave with a practice you can make your own, and use to complement your own healing journey

Based on the premise that we are plants, not machines, this is not about self-improvement, or achieving gymnastic-style yoga poses. This is about recognising the pure and perfect you within, wild and free…. it’s a journey back to you.

This 3 hour workshop is only £25 but places are limited to 16 people so pre-booking is essential.

To reserve your place in the beautiful Revitalize Studios in Topsham either click and pay above or email gilliesutherland@me.com

For more details on The Way Of The Wild Warrior go to https://behappyfit.co.uk/wild-warrior/