Soma Yoga

Soma Yoga Workshop for Stress, Anxiety and Trauma

With Gillie Sutherland

Sunday 24th May 2020

10am – 1pm via Zoom

Soma Yoga Workshop

A 3 hour healing workshop delivered via Zoom with Gillie Sutherland. Link will be sent by email within 24 hours of booking.


Did you know that the body has an innate healing mechanism?

One that positively impacts our mental and emotional health as well as our physical wellbeing?

Whether it’s current stress and anxiety, or long-held tension and old trauma, with the right tools and guidance, we are able to bring ourselves back into a state of balance, without even involving the mind, except as the observer.

In the past couple of decades, yoga has been evolving, in that we now understand more about how the body works. In particular, how the intricate fascial network works, and how it impacts the nervous system.

In this educational but experiential workshop with Gillie Sutherland, you will learn through movement and meditation how to heal “the issues in your tissues”, and how to harness the power of the body’s healing systems to feel good again.

You will discover:

* The Secrets of Vagus Nerve, why it is the internal gateway to great health, and how to unlock its healing powers
* The fascinating subject of Fascia and how we use arcs, spirals and waves in movement to release the “issues in our tissues”.
* Using Somatic Experiencing as part of your yoga practise as a way to facilitate healing and experience greater physical, mental and emotional health
* Practical tools and techniques you can put into your everyday life, to help you deal with triggers and stress as it arises

If you’ve been feeling any physical, mental or emotional discomfort through these times, then you could benefit from this workshop

This is a powerful process, with yoga being used as a healing tool, rather than a workout, so expect something very different to some of the other classes you may have experienced, or poses you have seen on social media!

This is not about achieving a pose or striving for great athleticism. It is a journey of self-discovery, which will last for a lifetime.

This workshop combines my many years of study, as well as first-hand experience in how to manage anxiety, and how we heal from trauma.

It is gentle, kind and person-focused, recognising the foundation of all healing is “self-compassion”.

Wherever you are in your journey, whatever you are feeling, the space is held for you.

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Soma Yoga

3 hour workshop with Gillie Sutherland


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