Nurture Part Two: Building Resilience

Part Two:

Our immune system works across most of the body’s systems, so in order to support our immune system, we have to support the whole of the body.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a term “Wei Chi”, which relates to our body’s natural defence mechanism.

It is this energy that keeps us healthy.

You create your personal health every day by choosing a healthy diet, removing excess stress, and getting plenty of rest and exercise.

The challenge in difficult times is removing the excess stress, which doesn’t mean we have to deny or suppress our emotions, but that we allow ourselves the space and time for it to be processed.

This requires a balance of rest and movement.

Movement keeps us strong, and a mindful movement practice allows us respite from our busy minds and emotions, whilst at the same time strengthening us in body and in mind.

Rest needs to be constructive rest, which often comes as a result of movement, where the body can rest.

You may find that during these times of stress that you need more rest than usual, as the body deals with the stress.

Know that this is ok, it is part of the healing process. The body only heals when it is at rest.

To strike the balance between rest and movement means we have to tune into the “body’s whispers”, those quiet messages we get from our innate physical wisdom that tell us what is right for us in any given moment. This is why grounding is so important.

We actually build resilience when we are training both systems of the body. We need to train ourselves to rest constructively, and to move in a way that is beneficial for us.

I call these two systems the hot tap and the cold tap. Like the perfect bath temperature, we need both hot and cold and both taps need to be functioning well.

Whilst you have time and space, it can be difficult to know what to do in any given moment, and this can add to the stress. It is commonly known as “decision fatigue”, having too much choice gives us too much to think about.

This is where rituals come in.

Rituals give us a sense of certainty when we have none. They give us comfort, as it is something known.

Throughout these times, it is the perfect opportunity to put into place some healthy routines.


Think about how you start your day and the routines you currently have in place. Many are now second nature, like brushing the teeth.

Consider adding to your daily routine when you get up some kind of mindful movement practise, which may be one of these classes. This will help you set up your energy for the day.

Also consider putting in place time for constructive rest, time when you switch off and check in with yourself and your thoughts and emotions. Allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in that moment, without judgement, and rest for long enough for it to pass.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, have a strategy in place for taking time out to rest in order for you to deal with your emotions.

Know that whatever you are feeling, it’s ok. Acknowledge it, accept it, and let it go when you’re done.

What you are feeling right now is a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

Know that this too will pass, you are stronger than you think you are, and you will get through this.

You’ve got this.

Because you’re a warrior!

This week’s sequences:

For first thing in the morning
Full Building Resilience Sequence