Nurture Part One: Creating A Safe Space

Part One

Begin by getting yourself a journal or notepad that you can write down your thoughts, and anything you learn throughout the course that you want to remember.

Just the process of putting it down onto paper can help bring it out of your mind and start to reduce the anxious racing thoughts.

** Take some time out by yourself and write down everything you are feeling at the moment, and everything you are worried about. Don’t edit, don’t think about it, just let the words flow and write until you have nothing more to say.

** After you have finished, look at what you have written and without any judgement, ask yourself which ones of these are very real concerns, which of these things you can affect, and what needs to be let go. Whatever you have written, and whatever is left as a concern, just accept this.

** Say outloud to yourself, as many times as you feel is useful, the following words:

“This is where I am right now”.

** Notice how, just by accepting and acknowledging where you are, things become a little easier.

As M Scott Peck said:

“Life is difficult, but once we accept this fact, it becomes easier”.

Now spend the next few days just accepting where you are, and focusing on Grounding.

Get outside as much as you can. Put your bare feet down on the Earth. Feel the fresh air entering your lungs. Listen to the birdsong, or the sound of the sea. Notice all the smells around you. And walk, as much as you can, even if it’s just around the garden.

The classes and sequences below will specifically help you with this phase.

This one is good for bedtime!

This one is a short sequence for the morning which also explains a bit about grounding

One to do outside whatever the weather

Do this one to music to raise your vibational frequency