LOVE YOGA Day 9: Lost In Music


Prayer of St Francis by Sarah McLachlan

Holy Day by Sound of Light Ensemble

Now We Are Free and Elysium by Lisa Gerrard and Max Richter

Soulmerge by Ashana

Tune into the music and pick up on the energy and vibrational frequency of the music

Let the music be your guide

Choose the right music and you can lost yourself in it. Let it take to you another place, to a place of Elysium, heaven on earth, and let it heal you vibration by vibration.

Every piece of music has a vibartional frequency, measured in Hertz. I chose the music to Gladiator for the full sequence, because it is at 528 hertz, which is the frequency of love.

Love is the antidote to fear, so when you are scared, anxious, or feeling low, let the music lift you up.

Take some time to build yourself a playlist of use my LOVE YOGA playlist which is on Spotify atthe link below.

There are also other playlists on here to inspire you, but let your body feel what it wants in any given moment and then dance like no-one’s watching!

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