Day 7: Heaven On Earth


Music: Sound of Light Ensemble

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This is part one of the Elysium sequence, an uplifting but grounded practice which helps us stay in the light through darker times.

Elysium is finding a piece of Heaven on Earth. It reminds us to find the balance between keeping our feet on the ground whilst being open and aware to more ethereal places.

A state of “Grounded Spirituality”, a term used by one of my favourite teachers Jeff Brown.

“Sky above, Earth below, peace within”.

It’s always about finding the balance.

In the physical body, we are building strength and stability in the lower body, anchoring us down into the Earth, yet allowing for movement and directional change where needed.

We use the arms and shoulders to open the heart, to soften the layers of protection we have built up around the heart, so we are more able to feel love and compassion – for ourselves, those close to us, and the larger collective.

The ideal practise for opening the heart and staying in the frequency of love is to take some time to say thanks each day.

For me, at the end of the day, before going to bed, I go outside and I say thanks to the night sky.

Whatever it is that is greater than me out there, I take time to acknowledge it’s presence, and to say thanks for what I have.

Why not making gratitude a daily practice from now on?

Throughout tough times, it can really help to keep you in the light.