Day 5: Go With The Ebb and Flow


Go With The Ebb and Flow

Music: Waves by Mr Probz (Robbin Schulz Remix)

Life is all ebb and flow….

Sometimes you’re fighting through the white water to get back out there, and other times you’re riding the waves carefree, at one with nature.

Embracing the element of water, we learn to accept the ebb and flow, to have courage whilst things are tough, but also to thoroughly enjoy the moments of bliss, where everything just feels good!!

In each day, there will be moments for us to go with the flow, to find the pleasure in what we are doing, and lift our vibational frequency where we can.

The waves are reminder of the flow of water within us as well as around us.

When we find the ebb and flow in the breath, our body starts to come into a state of natural balance, and we are able to seek out the sensations that will help us release.

I chose this piece of music as it encourages us to just drift away, to find what feels good, whatever that is for us.

There are no rigid structures, we move as the body tells us it wants to move, and this will be different for everyone.

It is your practice, and the sensation is more important than the pose.

Take a moment to consider how you might find moments of bliss today.

What is it that makes your soul sing?

During what activities do you feel totally in flow?

If you need inspiration, look to nature, where everything is perfect. Think about the birds and how they sing to the Earth.

Sing like no-one’s listening.

Dance like no-one’s watching

And love like there’s no tomorrow!

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