Day 4: Creating A Strong Foundation

Music: Roads by Portishead

Did you know that the Earth is a battery?

This is not hippy-nonsense, this is scientifically proven.

Everything, including us, has electro-magnetic energy, so when we connect to the Earth, we receive its energy, which gives us a number of health benefits.

In particular in times of stress, we need to unplug and recharge in nature.

We do this with our mobile phones, when they are running out of battery, we plug them in to recharge them.

We can do this ourselves, by getting outside, walking barefoot, and just breathing in the energy from the trees and the grass.

Where possible, and in particular when you are spending a lot of time indoors or at a screen, try to get outside and get some movement in.

This Earth Salutations sequence, like the Sun Salutations, is fantastic to use as a daily ritual, whether it’s first thing in the morning, or part of your walk outside.

My personal favourite is barefoot in the sand on Exmouth beach facing the sun. Do the Earth Salutations, a few rounds of Sun Salutations, then just rest with some focused breathing.

Plugging into that infinite battery source that is the Earth is incredibly healing, and also brings us back to a place we can call home. This brings much-needed feelings of safety and security in uncertain and ever-changing times.

When all around you seems like it’s going mad, it’s time to go to ground!