LOVE YOGA Day 21: Love, Love, Love

Music: Imagine by John Lennon

This is the ultimate love song – literally.

John Lennon wrote it in 528 hertz, the frequency of love, with the intention of spreading peace throughout the world.

Sadly he was assassinated, and some say that it may have been connected, but his music was his legacy, and this song is timeless.

I created this sequence in a beautiful place in nature, in a clearing in a forest, surrounded by the most lush greenery, where the frequency is also close to 528hertz.

This is why our greens are so good for us! Chlorophyll is 528 hertz, as is the yellowy aura of a rainbow.

No wonder we all love them so much.

If you want to read more about 528 hertz and the frequency of love, then look at the work of Dr Leonard Horowitz, specifically “The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of Love”.

As you move through the sequence, try to feel the energy shift, try to move from a place of love, and see if you can sense that vibrational frequency.

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