LOVE YOGA Day 20: Shine A Light

Music: Shine A Light by Fly Yeti Fly

I came across this piece of music two years ago, around the time I wrote Slivers of Light, and was in a dark place myself.

My good friend Jo Hooper often accompanied my yoga classes and events at Powderham Castle with her live cello music, told me about Shine A Light.

It’s written and performed by Fly Yeti Fly, whom Jo also works with, and the words were the perfect match to the message I was trying to convey, both in my yoga and in my writing.

“Let nature heal you”.

The song also feels just right for these times, a song of hope and of letting love and light guide our way home.

These are the lyrics, so you can sing along as you flow:

Before we began

The world was a motherland shining

Red, gold and green

Were the colours of nature’s divine spring

And as the world exploded into light

The sun and the moon made hay

Turned day into night

Pull, pull down the cityscapes

This is our great escape

Rip it up and start again

Trust in the world again, love

Shine a light in the dark

Heartache and medicine

Take us on the road again, love

Shine a light in the dark

Thank you Jo and Fly Yeti Fly…. you are shining lights indeed!

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