Day 2 of LOVE YOGA:

Trust In The Silence

Music: Silence by Delirium featuring Sarah MacLachlan (acoustic version)

This music just inspires you to move!

This is a somatic approach, working with the body’s natural intelligence, using spirals and undulations to relieve tension and stress, and gain freedom of movement.

In the silence, we can hear the body’s whispers, but sometimes we need something to help us quieten the mind.

In this case, it’s the music reminding us of the silence.

I listen to this whilst cooking (which switches me off after a busy day), and my body instinctively responds to it, in a way I know that it needs.

The magic happens in the space, in those times when we lose ourselves in music, in movement, or in an activity that brings us joy.

Those moments of freedom from the outside world, in the silence, there is wisdom so deep that it cuts through the understanding of the conscious minds and frees us in ways we can’t even have imagined.

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