LOVE YOGA Day 19: Inner Reflection

Music: Adagio of Strings by Samuel Barber

“Sometimes we have to die a little inside in order to be reborn and rise again as a stronger and woser version of yourself”

Perhaps one of the most powerful pieces of music ever written, Adagio of Strings feels like a journey in itself, from one of mourning to finding a glimmer of hope and even a moment of ecstacy and joy.

I chose this song for Easter Sunday, a day where many will be in remembrance, a day marked on the calendar as a National holiday and as a celebration.

There will no doubt be mixed emotions on this day, and this piece of music helps us move through them all.

It was written in a difficult time in the world’s history where Europe was sliding into war.

For me it reminds us that our collective suffering can still be transformed into collective joy when we go back to love once more.

Conductor Leonard Slatkin explains:

“This piece starts just with a single, very long melodic line in the violins, which then goes over to the violas and then goes over to the cellos.

It reaches a very strong climax, followed by what seems like an interminable silence.

And then the music reappears for one last time and we hear, at the very end, two chords that might as well be saying ‘Amen.’ “

For a more upbeat, uptempo, uplifting version, check out Tiesto’s version….. across the world, people have been lifted to heights of ecstacy through this.

Put it on your late night playlist if you are celebrating tonight and dance like no-one’s watching!

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