LOVE YOGA Day 18: The Light Of Loving Awareness


I am Loving Awareness by Ram Dass and East Forest

I am Light by India Arie

This is the part when we find out who we truly are.

Freed from many of our roles, whether in the workplace or amongst peers, from time constraints and endless “doing”, we are invited to go within.

It is amongst the most difficult times, when many structures we had in place are broken down, that we must go within – to find our true selves, to invite love inwards, accepting who we are, then seeking out the light that is within, no matter how small or dim it may feel at the moment.

The true spiritual growth comes, not from mastering a handstand or the perfect yoga pose, but from accepting who we are, where we are right now.

The true light that shines from within is not dependent on outside conditions.

It is the soul inside, and it is a perfect, brilliant light.

The words from India Arie may help you through these times

“I am not the color of my eyes

I am not the skin on the outside

I am not my age, I am not my race

My soul inside is all light

All light, all light yeah

All light”

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