LOVE YOGA Day 17: This Woman’s Work

Music: This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush

Today is Good Friday, a day in the Christian calendar associated with mourning.

Whatever your religious beliefs, a Bank Holiday, a day free from work often means there is time to reflect, and this can mean feelings come up that perhaps we were suppressing.

It’s important that we allow our emotions, and allow ourselves the time and space to process them, otherwise they will stay with us.

We need to “feel it to heal it”.

I chose this piece of music as it evokes such powerful feelings, and allows us to explore our dark as well as our light within.

For we have both. Especially now, when there may be sadness, grief, and feelings of what has been lost.

We have to let a little part of us die inside for us to be reborn.

It is in those darker times, when we go within, and we do “the work”, this is where we find out who we are.

To be positive, happy and hopeful all of the time (especially in the middle of a global pandemic, or when isloated from loved ones), it’s just not real.

We need to feel the pain and the grief too.

Eventually we will start to come out of it and that’s when we can use these words:

I know you’ve got a little life in you yet

I know you’ve got a lot of strength left”

Thank you Kate Bush for your healing words and music.

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