LOVE YOGA Day 14: Be Loving Kindness

Music: Diamonds In The Sun by Girish

Today, perhaps more than ever, we need to be reminded of the Buddhist conceot of Metta – loving kindness.

Metta has 3 layers.

At the core there is love we give to ourselves, without which no other love is truly possible.

The next layer is the love we extend to those around us, that we already know, and are then able to nurture.

The final layer and teh ultimate goal of Metta, is to be able to feel loving

kindness to everything, all beings and all things.

In this sequence I began with the following Metta prayer:

May I Be At Peace

May my heart remain open

May I know the light of my own true nature

May I be healed

May I Be A Source of Healing For All Beings

In the song Diamonds in the Sun, there is also a mantra / prayer:

Loka Samasta Sukhinho Bhavantu

May All Beings Be Happy And Free

I dedicate this practise to everyone, no matter who you are, and what you are to me, I send you loving kindness


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