LOVE YOGA Day 13: That Seed Is A Diamond

Music: Diamonds by Josef Salvat

Imagine that the seed within you has the potential to be a diamond.

The more colours you give your seed, the brighter that diamond will shine. You do this by treating yourself like a precious gem! Your seed, the essence of you, contains many different treasures which are there to be nurtured.

By tending to our own garden, taking care of ourselves, and our own unique needs, we colour the seeds so that they produce beautiful gems within you that you can go and shine out into the world.

It all starts with the seeds, and taking good care of them. This often happens in hard times, when we have the time and space to do so, for instance when struck down with illness (or a global pandemic!).

Interestingly enough, the name of the stone “diamond” comes from the Greek word Adamas which means “cannot be conquered”.

This poem from Stephanie Bennett-Henry is perfect.

“You are a diamond

In the rough

Sweet girl

So tough

Maybe you’ll get scratched

Through the dark mess

But remember

Your sparkle will

Never shine any less

Stay tough

And don’t ever try to hide your shine!”