Day 1: Tuning Into The Body’s Whispers

Music: Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur

When we listen to the body, it will tell us everything we need to know.

This applies “on the mat”, as we get to know how to move in order to release stress and tension from the body, when to rest or find a modified way of doing something, and how to channel our inner teacher who is both wise and compassionate.

“Off the mat”, our body will whisper to tell us when it needs to rest, when it needs to move, what to eat, and when a situation is good for us or not.

We can tune into these whispers for more wisdom and in order to make good choices, or when we ignore what the body is trying to tell us, it will start to speak louder, and eventually give us a huge hammer blow if we continue not to listen.

One of the most important practises for your wellbeing, and for raising your vibrational frequency, is learning to listen to your body. This is more important than anything another person could tell you.

As you go through this course, consider that you are your own best teacher. You know what’s right for you. So make good choices based on what you are hearing from your body’s whispers.

The Mantra in this piece of music is:

Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo

This translates as: I call upon my inner teacher

Using music, a mantra and singing along can help raise your vibrational frequency, so practice this every morning, or before every practice to help you stay tuned in both on and off the mat.