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Day 1: Tuning Into The Body’s Whispers

Day 2: Trusting The Silence

Day 3: The Power of Ritual

Day 4: Creating A Strong Foundation

Day 5: Go With The Ebb and Flow

Day 6: Embody The Sun

Day 7: Heaven On Earth

Day 8: Release Your Fears To Love

Day 9: Lost In Music

Day 10: All The Colours Of The Rainbow

Day 11: A Little Bit Of Magic

Day 12: Inside You Is A Seed

Day 13: That Seed Is A Diamond

Day 14: Be Loving Kindness

Day 15: Adopt The Pace of Nature

Day 16: In The Garden

Day 17: This Woman’s Work

Day 18: The Light Of Loving Awareness

Day 19: Inner Reflection

Day 20: Shine A Light