The Magic 21 Strategy

It sounds so simple, a rewards-based motivational strategy, but it is the simple things that are most effective.

You just need to make sure you do it!!

There may be days when you have a case of CBA (can’t be assed), so this is when you have to have something to say to yourself to override that temptation. Perhaps remind yourself of why you’re doing it, and what it means to you, or repeat your mantra to yourself again.

Replacing CBA with JFDI (Just Flipping Do It!) works a treat!

How It Works

Think of your old habits as being like a comfy pair of slippers. They are tired and worn, and they aren’t working for you anymore.

You have to replace your old slippers with new ones, but you’ve not worn them in yet, and you still quite like your old ones, because they are nice and comfy.

Eventually your new slippers will become like your old ones, nice and comfy, but they will be longer lasting!

You just have to wear them in!

This takes 21 times.

The process we go through is important to understand and I will usethe example of eating portions that are too big.

Unconscious Incompetence – you’re eating too much, but because you are used to it, you don’t notice it’s too much, until……

Conscious Incompetence – you’re putting on weight, you’re not really digesting well, and you realise that maybe the fact is that you are eating too much at each meal. You start to look at your portions….

Conscious Competence – you start to link eating too much to the fact that you eat too quickly, and often in front of the TV, so you haven’t been mindful. You start to slow down, relax when you’re eating, tune into the body’s physical signals of hunger, and only eat what the body needs.

Unconscious Competence – eventuall this way of eating becomes the norm. You eat smaller portions without even thinking about it. You have more in your eating and your new habits mean you digest the food better, and feel healtheir overall.

Secrets of Success for the Magic 28 Strategy

The key is small changes at first, so it’s not overwhelming, and we allow 28 days for those days it all goes to pot, or you are out of routine.

What makes this more likely to succeed is that you set a REWARD for yourself at the end.

Also state your goals / intentions out loud, and write them down and you are more likely to achieve them

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