Elysium Week Six: Balancing The Elements

Live In Harmony With Nature…..

Control Emotions.

This Week’s Class:



In this week’s course:

  • Discover Your Dosha
  • Align With The Rhythms of Nature
  • Design Your Life Through Your Choices and Rituals


Discover Your Dosha


panda balance

Everything in nature is a state of harmony and balance (well it would be if we stopped interfering with it).

And guess what? We are also creatures of nature, and our bodies have this instinctive and intuitive way that it operates to try to bring us back into a state of balance, also known as homeostasis.

The problems happen when we over-ride our natural tendecies and rhythms, and we move away from how we have been designed. This is when the elements get out of balance.

Too much doing the same thing, too much comfort or heavniess, Earth is out of balance, and we get stuck (in the mud).

Too much going with the flow, with conflicting emotions and feelings, Water gets out of balance, and we get water-logged or things start to leak out.

Too much passion and drive, always striving for the most and going to the limit, Fire gets out of balance, and we burn out or lose our cool.

Too many ideas, flitting around from one thing to another, and Air will get out of balance, and you’ll find yourself with your head up in the clouds.

Too little of any of the elements above, will leave us too light, and the Ether element is out of balance, as there is nothing solid to anchor us.

We need to get the balance right to feel healthy and happy, and in a state of harmony with ourselves, We can do this by being aware of where we are in any given moment, but also being aware of our natural consitution (our Dosha as it is called in Ayurveda).

I’d highly recommend discovering for yourself what your own Dosha is and this will help with your self-awareness and wellbeing journey.

Here’s a great quiz from Deepak Chopra’s website which is a good start point.

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Align With The Rhythms Of Nature


Once you have this understanding of self, you can start to make adjustments as necessary to your diet and the types of exercise you do, but remember, small changes are more sustainable.

One of the fascinating things I learned from Ayurveda was that more so than what we eat or how we move, is our lifestyle.

So many people are living out of sync with nature, in particular, our circadian rhythms.

Simply put, waking up as the sun rises, and going to bed after it has set. Sleep is one of the most underrated wellness tools we have, yet so many are not getting good quality sleep. We also tend to work too long hours and not take into account the body’s needs throughout the day.

For me, taking a siesta, even if it’s just lying down for 15 minutes, has been life-changing. It provides a really good check-in for where you are in the day, how you are feeling, how much energy has been expended so far, and what needs to be wound down or dropped for the rest of the day.

Ideally, according to Ayurveda, our daily routines would be structured in a way to optimise our energy and not compromise our wellbeing.

A day would be divided into 6 sections:

6 – 10 am As the sun rises, we get the most physcially demanding part done, our daily rituals, moving the body, and stimulating the systems of the body ready for the day

10am – 2pm This is where we would continue with our productivity, but without any intense exercise, as this would be the time when we would have our biggest meal.

2 – 6pm In this time we are starting to wind things down, we’d take our mini siesta /check in at some point, but it’s also a great time for any relaxing, creative work.

6 – 10pm As the sun sets, we want to reduce our exposure to bright lights, it’s cosy hygge time, also the time for connecting with others, sharing a light meal only.

10pm – 2am This is the best time for sleeping, as this is when the liver needs to work it’s magic and detoxify the body. It’s not the time for a second wind, it’s sleep time.

2 – 6am We will still be sleeping for most of this, and rising time will depend on what time you went to bed and how much sleep you need, but at sunrise it’s the best time for getting up and starting your daily rituals.

If you want to go into a bit more detail with this then watch this video. This couple also have some great resources on their website, and it’s very accessible.


Design Your Life Through Your Choices and Rituals




One of the main principles of mindfulness is understanding that in any given moment we have a choice.

This is why it is so important to take a pause, some space, before just acting on our impulses.

For me now I have realised before making any decision, I will sort out my state first. That is, I will make sure I am at a good vibrational frequency, otherwise it will not be a good decision.

So we now know how to change our vibrational frequency:

  • We need to have positive thoughts and intentions
  • We need to be in the right environment, preferably nature.
  • We need to move in a way that feels good.
  • We can listen to some music, and dance or sing!
  • We can whatever it is that makes us feel good and in a state of flow!

From what we now know about the circadian rhythms, we can make a choice in every time slot as to what is going to be best for us. We can choose small changes to our lifestyles and make it into a habit, or a ritual,

The first part of the day, of course, is always going to be the best time to put in a new ritual or start a new routine. This is when we really set the tone for the day.

Here are some ideas for positive rituals that will both raise your frequency and set you up for a good day.

  • Wake up and light a candle and enjoy some quiet meditation time, whilst setting an intention for your  day
  • Have a morning drink, like warm water and lemon juice, to kickstart the system
  • Listen to some uplifting music or use a motivational video
  • Do some dry skin brushing before your shower and finish your shower with a cold blast!!
  • Go outside and walk barefoot for five minutes
  • Do some breathing exercises, alternative nostril breathing is a great all-round balancer or try this5 element breath
  • Choose mantra or a positive affirmation
  • Get on your mat and move!
  • Put on your favourite tune and dance like no-one’s watching!



Whatever you do, don’t try and change everything at once. The key is small, incremental changes over a long period of time.

Why not choose 3 small changes, things you are pretty confident you can do, or that you are really interested in, and commit to those for 21 days (although feel free to switch them out with another if it isn’t working for you).

Most importantly, stay mindful throughout the day about how you are feeling, your vibrational frequency, and your general energy. Find what works for you, and remeber

Whatever you do, try to do it from a place of love.