Elysium Course

6 week online course starting 6th January 2020



“Heaven is a place on Earth!”

This newly updated sequence is all about bringing the light into the darker days.

We can’t control much of what is happening around us, but what we can do is take control of what’s going on within us.

There is a light within each of us, a perfectly unique light, and there is a way to find it and let it shine out into the world.

It’s all about clearing the resistance in the body, peeling back to the layers that we have built up to protect our heart, and raising our vibrational frequency to match that of love.

Yes, there is a frequency of LOVE, and it’s 538 Hertz.

Which means that using the right movement, music, breathing techniques, mantras and intentions, we can get that feeling of being in love wherever we are, and whether we are alone or not.

This sequence has been designed using some of the latest techniques from yoga, somatic movement, vagus nerve stimulation, and using the right music and sounds to raise our vibrational frequency.

This 6 week course will take you through a progressive learning experience, so you can fully engage with the your well-being journey, heart and mind in harmony.

The sequence was originally inspired by The Festival of Light and Sound at the Eden Project, and was created with the winter season in mind.

Just like we should eat according to the changes in the season, we should also adapt our yoga practice, even our lifestyles, to align with nature.

In winter the kidney energy is weak, and we will be learning how to best nourish our bodies in order to stay well and stave off illnesses.

We also have shorter days and less sunlight, and this can adversely affect our moods, so it take a little more focus on keeping those happy hormones elevated. We can affect this.

Finally I will be introducing you to the concept of “hygge”, the Danish art of cosiness – the reason why Denmark rates one of the highest in the world for happiness.

Come and find out how to stay in the light this winter.

Each week you will get a new video, with supporting materials and learning, that you can access from anywhere and do wherever you are. Which means you can stay at home and still get your practice in!

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Elysium Course

6 week online course starting 6th January 2020