Aurora Week Six: Balancing The Elements

In this week’s course:

  • Harmony Through Balance
  • The Body Whispers It’s Call For Bliss
  • Nature Holds The Key

This week’s class:

Harmony Through Balance

When we look to nature, everything makes sense, and we can learn much from nature about how to live. It can also teach us about how to take of our wellbeing.

Now that we know that we are plants, we can treat ourselves as we would plants.

We need to be conneted through strong roots to the Earth.

We need to keep well hydrated, putting fluid in all the tissues of the body to ensure we have freedom of movement, and are able to grow.

We need enough sunshine, fire energy, to feed the plant with nourishment for sustaining us to get what we need to do get done.

We need to take in enough clean oxygen, air from around us, to keep the body fresh and the mind clear.

We need space to grow, and enough rest to allow for periods of growth and expansion, and to let the body replenish and renew.

One of the simplest laws of nature we must remember is that:

Life is a balance between rest and movement

A common mistake we make as humans in modern society is that we don’ttake enough time for rest.

If yoo are unsure of what you need in any moment, you need to take time out to check in with your energy. To stop and listen to the body’s whispers.

Perhaps even more important than diet and exercise, we need to look at achieving balance in our lifestyle.

This video explains how we can look at the rhythms of nature, and adjust our days, to get the most out of our energies, and live more harmoniously with nature.

The Body Whispers It’s Call For Bliss

If you listen closely enough you will hear the body’s whispers.

It is instinctively trying to find it’s way back to balance, and also to bliss.

Love is the natural state of balance in nature, in the body, within us as individuals and as a collective.

That elusive state of flow, of effortless ease, is where we are at our best. The body wants to help us find this state.

It will tell us what it needs in any given moment:

  • what food it needs to nourish it
  • when it needs to rest
  • when it needs to move more
  • when we are doing something that is injuring us and sending us out of balance
  • when a situation is good for us or bad for us
  • when it is in it’s state of bliss

As suggested in the Ayurvedic clock above, it is a good idea to have regular check-ins with our body to see how it is doing.

Imagine you are a Line Manager of a team, you would want to regularly check in to see how everyone is doing. To walk around the building to assess how things are going, and even scheduled meetings to catch up.

Consider treating your body in this way. Take time out away from busy-ness and from other people to really ask your body what it is saying to you.

If it responds in a negative way to something, if you are triggered for instance, then take some time and space, to tune into what your body is whispering to you.

Most of the time, your body will tell you everything you need.

Nature Holds The Key

Think of the times when your body or mind has gone out of balance.

Changes are that you have done something which goes against nature.

Animals don’t tend to have these same problems.

When I try to work out what I’m doing wrong and why I don’t seem to be in a state of natural health and wellbeing, I often look to my cat.

Lucky sleeps a lot, he also runs around and keeps moving whilst he is awake. When he is moving, he is moving naturally. When he is eating, he is only eating, he doesn’t watch telly, or try to multi-task.

When he is resting, it is true rest. He doesn’t need a gym, as nature is his playground.

Everything is in balance, and he sleeps soundly without the use of a guided sleep meditation (although I do think these are useful).

Like the trees, the plants, the birds and the bees, he lives in harmony with his environment. He selfishly seeks out what he needs in every moment, without giving it too much thought. By taking care of himself, he is a more loving and generous cat. He has that energy to give to others, because he has tended to himself first.

Where we as humans tends to go out of balance, it’s when we don’t take care of ourselves properly. We neglect our primary needs for rest, sleep, fresh air, time outside, sunlight, and space to be ourselves.

Spend time in nature, and take your lessons from her. This is the key to balance and wellbeing.

Listen to this and it brings it all together