Aurora Course

6 week online course starting Saturday 15th February 2020



“Free The Spine, Free The Mind, Feel The Flow”


You’re only as young or happy as your spine is flexible!


If you’ve ever experienced back pain, you will know how much it affects your mood and emotional health. On the flip side, when we take care of the spine, and bring it back into its natural state of freedom and flexibility, we experience a lightness of being, more balanced emotions, and we also slow down the effects of ageing!


In this six-week course, you will learn how to create a healthy spine, which is both strong and flexible, and also how to manage stress, both physical and emotional, through a series of classes, and supporting resources to work through.


Who is it for:


  • Those suffering with back pain or ongoing problems
  • Those who want to experience improved mental and emotional health
  • Those new to yoga who want to gain confidence and competence before venturing into a studio class
  • Those who have been practicing yoga for a while but want experience a new somatic approach
  • Those who have busy lives and need something they can practice at home in their own time


So what is Aurora all about?


As we transition from Winter into Spring, this is the ideal time to begin something new, and to experience your very own “Aurora”.


Aurora is the new dawn, an awakening after a long period of hibernation, with the lighter of Spring days ahead, and the body sheds it’s winter heaviness and starts to come alive again.


‘In the beginning, it is always dark, the mind thinks (and leads us to believe) that this darkness will last forever. But the body can feel the light, and as soon as it’s allowed, will always grow towards it. That’s nature, that’s yoga”.


This season’s theme helps us transition from Winter to Spring with a focus on the spine and on mental health.  When we unlock the old patterns of stress and tension, we create freedom of movement, and this helps us both mentally and emotionally.


All movement starts from the spine, and in this flowing sequence, we explore some of the basic movements of flow yoga, to help bring confidence, as well as the balance of strength and flexibility needed to develop further.


We will use a somatic approach, working with the body’s natural intelligence, which leads to a safer, more mindful practice, yet even more effective. There will also be inspirations from Japanese culture, and martial arts, with the hugely powerful “Swimming Dragon” sequence.


The Swimming Dragon is an ancient longevity training method from Qi Gong, which reverses the effects of aging by turning weakness, stiffness and low energy into strength, suppleness and vitality.


This is the ideal time of year to try something new, to be inspired, and get the juices flowing, so why not join us celebrating the arrival of Spring, and a new dawn?


As a special gift for those who sign up before Friday I will send you a free copy of my e-book “Slivers of Light”, which is ideal for helping improve mental health.


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