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Do yoga anywhere, anytime, and even in your pyjamas!!

Designed and led by Gillie Sutherland, who as well as being a yoga teacher, is also a Motivational Coach and Trainer, and an expert in wellbeing, this is a mindful approach, it is experiential learning, to empower you to be able to be your own best teacher, and understand what your body needs to stay healthy and happy.

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Hygge Yoga

A 4 week course starting 21st October 2020 to help you find comfort and cosiness as the days get darker Classes are live on Zoom Wednesdays 630-730pm BST Also recorded to download and keep

20.00 £


Mindful Movement

A 4 week course starting 5th October 2020 for stress, anxiety and trauma. Classes are live Mondays 630-730pm BST on Zoom Also recorded to download and keep

20.00 £

Retreat At Home with Gillie

A one-week course, with 3 classes a day, recipes and a daily structure to follow , along with journalling exercises and optional activities, to re-create the retreat experience wherever you are

35.00 £

BLOOM! A Journey Through The Chakras

Join me on this 3 hour workshop – an experiential and educational journey to explore and awaken the powerful energy centres in the body, ready to embrace the summer season! Combining powerful techniques from mindful yoga, meditation, somatic movement, kundalini kriyas, pranayam, and the very latest in neuroperception, this workshop is designed to help you unlock your potential and come into full bloom! For more information go to

20.00 £

Nurture Self Care course for Stress Relief

This 4 week online course is designed to help you learn as you practice – the art of self-care, and how to make time for you, no matter how busy you are. You will learn from the disciplines of yoga, mindfulness and modern psychology, and also gain some wisdom from cats and how they live. After all, they are more enlightened beings! For more information go to

20.00 £

Wild Warrior Course

Sign up for an online course, with a series of 6 classes you can do from anywhere at anytime, and learn the Way Of The Wild Warrior. Build strength, and courage, whilst maintaining an open heart and compassion for all, including yourself. For more information go to Includes learning materials, inspiration and motivation for your healing journey.

20.00 £

Elysium Course

This sequence has been designed using some of the latest techniques from yoga, somatic movement, vagus nerve stimulation, and using the right music and sounds to raise our vibrational frequency. This 6 week course will take you through a progressive learning experience, so you can fully engage with the your well-being journey, heart and mind in harmony. For more details go to

20.00 £

Lighten Up course

Lose unwanted weight and gain more energy and lightness of being with this East Meets West approach, incorporating Ayurvedic principles, modern exercise, mindful movement, and psychology, as well as sensible nutritional principles

27.00 £