Yoga at Ocean Physio (Woodbury)

yoga at ocean


I am thrilled to announce that we are now able to confirm a new timetable of classes at Ocean Physio in Woodbury starting from Monday 9th July 2018.

To find the venue follow this link

Mondays 7.15 – 8.15am Yoga with Amy

Tuesdays 6.30 – 7.30pm Yoga with Amy

Wednesdays 7.15 – 8.15am Wake Up and Flow with Gillie

Fridays 7.15 – 8.15am Wake Up and Flow with Gillie

Classes will be £8 per class or use your credits if you have a pre-paid package with me.

Amy is a great teacher , she works for Ocean as a sports massage therapist and is a PT so has great knowledge, and although relatively new to teaching yoga, she has loads of experience and you may have met her before in my classes as she has been coming to mine for a while now.

More importantly, she’s also a lovely person with great energy, passion and authenticity, and she will be running Monday 715am class and Tuesday 630pm class at Ocean from now on.
I’m still going to be running Wednesdays and Fridays at 715am. You can book for all in the usual way . Enjoy your weekend and see you soon.

To book for any of these classes go to

It’s a lovely venue, a light and bright studio, run by great people, and wherever possible, we will be doing it outside, in the fresh air, drinking in the sunshine and light!

Love and light,









Football Crazy


Football Crazy

These are crazy days. Crazy in a good way. Crazy wonderful, crazy beautiful, crazy magical.

Like the long summers of the 70s where every day seemed to be involve playing outside, swimming wherever we could, and life seemed very simple indeed.

Yet, as well as this gorgeous weather, we’ve got something more this summer, something both surprising and exciting.

At the time of writing this, England are performing well at the FIFA World Cup, and Germany are out, having finished last in their group and being knocked out by South Korea.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the Germans, some of the best people I’ve met on my travels were German, but this is football, and there’s no denying they have been our nemesis for a long, long time, so to see them go out of the World Cup was, if nothing else, a bit of a relief as well as a shock.

Of course, I initially put this down to the full moon that night. Weird stuff happens on a full moon, that’s where the word lunatic comes from. It makes sense if you think about it – the human body is around 60% water, and just look at the effect that the moon has on water, and it’s obvious it’s going to have an impact on us.

Much as I’d love to argue the point now that Germany went out of the World Cup because of the incredible Strawberry Moon , I think there’s a much simple answer.

At that level of football, or any sport for that matter, one of the critical success factors for a team is “attitude”.

Currently the top goalscorer in the World Cup is our very own golden boy Harry Kane, and here’s what he has to say on the matter:

“To achieve what you want to in life you have to believe”.

I can’t help but think this attitude has been passed down from Gareth Southgate, my new hero. He’s created a culture of positivity, belief and team spirit and it’s showing on the pitch.

In contrast, there’s definately something afoot in the Germany camp, and whatever is going on, it’s clearly not conducive to good performance.

Look at the attitude of Neuer, the German keeper who thought he’d be able to do a better job that his own teammates in midfield, and as a result, was responsible for Germany’s ultimate humiliation in that second goal.

Let’s compare that to the heroics of the South Korean keeper, who maintained his position as the safe pair of hands and gave his team the confidence to send out the reigning champions.

It was unbelievable. Maybe not full moon madness, just a case of teamwork making the dream work. Attitude counts for so much, in sport as in life, and when you’ve got a team with the same attitude, supporting each other, things just flow.

Sharing the Sun…

share the same sun

My love affair with Devon continues…

Could there be a more stunning setting for a festival than this estuary, especially when the sun has come out to play?

I can’t believe it was two years ago when Chris Martin stormed the stage at Powderham at Radio One’s Big Weekend, and gave his home crowd something to remember.

This weekend was equally emotional, at an equally stunning setting in Exmouth, yet the experience was something very different.

I usually like to be in the thick of it, jumping up and down like a wild banshee, yet this year, I wasn’t completely up to that level of adrenaline.

Nonetheless the festival touched me, and I felt moments of pure gratitude and feeling “at home”, which have stayed with me all week.

Through a strange and wonderful set of coincidences, I ended up at the festival with a group of amazing people, all of the same mindset. We didn’t all know each other, but it was one of the those situations where you realise that everyone was connected, in more ways than one.

My “moment” came when we decided it was all a bit hectic in the middle of the crowd and went to chill by the edge of the water. Earlier we had been paddling, as many others did, up to our knees – it was like a scene out of a film, a surreal comedy set in 1950s Britain.

Yet it was when the sun started to set that the magic really appeared. Far from the boisterous crowd, six of us sat quietly watching the sun set on the other side of the estuary.

It was probably the warmest evening of the year so far, the music was audible enough to be pleasurable, yet not so loud as to hurt my sensitive ears, and we sat together, a newly formed group, connected by this natural phenomenon which happens every day.

I wondered if it would have been as special if it had not been for the people I was with. “Happiness is only real when it’s shared” is the saying, and although I would have enjoyed it alone, it was made all the more memorable from the connections that evening.

My favourite moments in life have involved the sun – soaking up it’s powerful rays of energy, enjoying the light on the water, and watching the sun set on the horizon – yet my best ones have been with others.

As I looked to the sunset that night, I thought not only of those who were there, but those that were far away but with whom I still felt a connection.

I look to the sun whenever the madness of the world takes a hold, whenever there seems to be so many obstacles blocking the path , and I remember a Chinese proverb I once read:

“No matter how tall the mountain, it cannot block the sun”.

Everybody Hurts…

everybody hurts


Perhaps intentionally, the whole Royal Wedding hysteria completely passed me by.


I was immersed in my own world, doing yoga down on the beach with around 70 others as the rest of the world watched Harry and Meghan walk up the aisle.


I ran two massive events last week over the course of two days, and as well as completely flooring me in terms of my energy, it was also a massive turning point as I realised just how much strain I’d been under.


How hard it must be for those that are in the public eye, constantly, like the Royal Family, it’s hard enough just on occasion. Clearly the new Princess was having problems with her family at one of the most stressful times in her life. Getting married is stressful enough, but add in the pressure of marrying into royalty and having every part of her background up for scrutiny, it must have been so hard.


Luckily Meghan had the most understanding of grooms. Only last year, Harry spoke out about his own mental health issues, disclosing how hard it was when finally started to deal with his grief but had to face public engagements.


Managing a crisis whilst having to pretend you’re ok (when you’re not) is one of the most difficult things in the world. Putting on a brave face, not wanting to be a burden, crippled with our own shame, there are so many of us I’m sure that are suffering in silence.


I’m lucky to have a handful of strong supporters who have helped me through these times, and who made my event on Friday night possible, when I nearly crumbled. Without those in the know, whose intentions are good, the ones on our “team”, it’s easy to feel all alone when you’re struggling.


Just last night I introduced two of my good friends and we spent the evening in the sun, chatting and laughing. At a certain point, however, I decided to tell them “I’m not OK”, and what happened next made the whole evening a lot more meaningful and connected.


It gave the others the safety and courage to speak out about their own troubles, things they may have been battling alone, had I not opened up the dialogue. It turned it into an open, honest, safe and supportive space, one that comes from knowing you’re not alone.


I made a mental note to never assume that someone is ok, but may be facing a battle we know nothing about. But perhaps in having the courage to share and speaking out truth, we can lead the way for others to speak out and ask for help.


So please, if you’re not feeling OK, it’s OK and letting others know gives them permission to do the same, and you could both find the comfort you need.


Yoga on the Beach

yoga on the beach 2

Join us for some Wild Yoga, where yoga should be done – out in nature!

Every Saturday, weather permitting (we will only cancel in case of rain, but otherwise just layer up and we’ll be there!) just near the Lifeboat station at the bottom of Foxholes Hill opposite the car park.

These classes are designed to be inclusive, accessible to all, with all levels welcome, including total beginners, and to be done with a smile on your face!

No need to book (although you do receive discounted rates if you book online), just show up with your mat or beach towel, if you want to use one, otherwise barefoot in the sand is even more beneficial!

Online bookings: £7 per session if booked online, or £8 as a drop in which is paid to the teacher on the day.

Package of 4 classes also available for £25 or 10 classes for £50.

To book go to or click on the icon below

book now

Teachers will alternate each week, so you get variety and to be a part of a growing yogic community in the area.

Refreshments are available afterwards from the fabulous Bumble and Sea cafe, but bring your own water bottle, and some layers to account for the changeable weather conditions.

For more details contact

Scared / Excited


“Be careful what you wish for” are the words going through my mind right now. 

A few months ago I went to see a film in Bristol called “Walk With Me”, a documentary about the Zen Buddhist Thich Nhat Hahn, and a experiential journey through mindfulness which left me awe-struck. 

I was in a dream-like state afterwards and standing in line for the loos at the end of the film, I realised I wasn’t the only one.

Everyone had a kind of dazed look on their faces (happy-dazed, I must add), and there was this weird scenario of people smiling at each other, with a shared sense of connection – something I rarely experience in public places, especially in big cities.

It was the magic of the film, and when I saw they were looking for places to hold screenings around the country, I was inspired. I knew the perfect place. The Powderham estate. Charlie and AJ would love it, it’s right up their street, I thought. 

Luckily I knew the perfect partners to screen the event, my old buddies Simon and Stu, from Pop-Up Events, who hold outdoor cinema events all over the area.

I set up a meeting and presented my idea to the group, without really thinking too much about who was going to head it up and make it happen. It turns out that “who” was me. 

Before I knew what was happening, it was on, and I’m running An Evening of Zen at Powderham Castle this Friday. I’m excited, but at the same time, I’m terrified as I’ve never done anything this big before and it’s quite a responsibility. 

I need 150 to even cover my costs, and although I’m two thirds there as I write this, it’s still a risk and a big deal as I want it to go well and for people to enjoy the experience as much as I did. I don’t want to mess it up. A fear we all have, I guess – the fear we haven’t met expectations. 

Managing my nerves, I’ve had to remind myself of what I say to myself before public speaking, which happens to be most days in my work, but it still gives me the heebie-jeebies every time. 

“Being excited and scared is the same physical sensation in the body”.

If I tell myself I’m excited, it gives it a positive connotation, and it’s more likely to go well than if I’m telling myself I’m nervous. What I’m feeling is the same physical reaction, whether its excitement or nerves. Yet I have the choice as to how to respond to it, and what meaning I attach to it. 

It’s all about taming that little monkey mind which tends to go riot when given a new challenge, one which takes us out of our comfort zone. All our doubts and fears come up, potential problems and worrying if we’ve got it right or not. 

Yet it’s these moments that remind us we’re alive, that tend to make life more fulfilling, and ultimately make us stronger. 

Another phrase pops into my head and i decide to keep this one:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. 

And I’m excited about that. Without this understanding of mindfulness, knowing how to observe my thought processes and make more conscious decisions, I would have still been in a blind panic, for sure. 

An Evening of Zen at Powderham

Walk With Me Poster-page-001


An Evening of Zen


You are invited to join us for “A Journey Through Mindfulness” in the spectacular Powderham Castle on Friday 18th May 2018.


The main event will be an Outdoor Screening of the film “Walk With Me” featuring Thich Naht Hahn, and narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.


To watch the trailer of the film click here With Me Poster


This will start as the sun sets in the Pleasure Gardens, an atmospheric setting in the grounds of the Castle, at around 9pm.


Before the film you can soak up the full meditative experience, walking around, being in nature, or enjoying one of the optional yoga and meditation sessions, or grabbing some nourishing food and drink.


There will be food and drink stands with some Buddhist-inspired meals available and a complimentary Chai at the end of the evening.


Entrance to the Castle is from 6pm, and tickets are £18 if purchased in advance, or £20 if you pay on the gate.


Children under the age of 12 can come for free.



NB We are restricted on numbers so booking in advance is recommended as you will not be guaranteed entry on the evening if we go over the numbers



You can book either at EventBrite or at


For more details or enquiries email