Kickstart the New Year with a new healthy regime of rituals and routines to help you stay healthy and happy in January, and lighten up in a manageable and sustainble way!

The course starts with a 2 hour Introductory Workshop on Sunday 3rd January 2021 to lay the groundwork for the month and help you plan for success.

Then you have 21 days throughout the month of support and encouragement, tools and inspiration to help you boost your energy, so you are feeling lighter and brighter by the end of the month. After 21 days, you will have created a new habit, and healthy routine, with only 30 minutes a day.

  • Start the day with a 30 minute class designed to lift your spirits and wake up your metabolism. Incorporating movement, motivation and mindfulness, make this your daily ritual and set yourself up for a good day.
  • Follow a simple 21 day habit change programme, which is both manageable and sustainable, where small changes make a big difference long-term, to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Get daily inspiration for 21 days to help you stay on track, and find new ways to make the winter more manageable and even enjoyable!

The classes are live on Zoom each day 8-830am UK time but you can also watch the recording at a time that suits you. What’s more, you get to keep all the classes for life.

All this for just £21.

Sign up below or email me to ask any questions or use an alternative payment method.


Lighten Up 21

21 days of movement, motivation and mindfulness with Gillie Sutherland throughout January 2021


Love Peace and Yoga

Christmas Eve


Mindful Movement and Meditation session with Gillie

Join us for this calming, soothing, and uplifting practise to help you find the love and blessings in this very unusual Christmas.

Come home to the body, fell our inter-connectedness, to the Earth and to each other, and let the body find it’s way into acceptance and surrender.

I’ll be guiding you through a Mindful Movement sequence to help you ground and feel safe, followed by some somatic practises to help you release any stuck energy and emotions, and some moving meditations to bring some new light and life force into your being, so you can enjoy a more peaceful and joyful Christmas.

Let’s make the most what we have, let’s focus on what we can change, and let’s do this together!!

Book at the link below or drop me an email

Love Peace Yoga


Christmas Gift Vouchers

Take The Stress Out Of Christmas Shopping with a Personalised HappyFit Gift Voucher

Gifts often get wasted, and we end up with things we didn’t want or won’t use. It can be hard to know what to get, and Chitsmas shopping can end up being a stressful event,

This Christmas why not give the gift of a wellbeing experience for a loved one, a treat for a friend, or choose what you would like and drop a massive hint by sharing this with them?

Not only does this take the stress out of it all, but it’s actually going to be something that adds value in the best possible way – to their health and happiness.

How it works:

  • You choose the value you would like to spend and choose from the following:

A Free Class Pass £6

A 4 week courseHygge Yoga, Wild Warrior, Soma Dance or Rainbow Warriors £20

21 Days In January for £21 – 21 Love Mornings plus online course

A 2 1/2 hour Yoga and Wellbeing Workshop eg Rise Up in 2021 January 30th 2021 £25 or Hygge and Happiness January 23rd 2021 or Love Your Body Febraury 13th 2021 £25

A 1-1 Session with Personalised Programme ( 1 1/2 hours) £30

A Monthly Class Pass £40 (choose your own start date) £40

A Personal Online Retreat 1/2 day One-To-One Tailored day of wellbeing £55

  • You will then receive a voucher by email like the one in the image above for you to print out and give as your gift. The back of the voucher will look like this:
  • All the gift recipient needs to do is drop me a line by email to make arrangements to redeem the voucher

Easy -peasy,

If there are any other options you can think of as a gift I can also be flexible (:)) and we can create something together

Just drop me an email on and we can work it out!

Christmas Is Coming Early!!!

Claire McCullough, AKA Mrs Christmas

I had an epiphany yesterday.

What if we all started to celebrate Christmas early this year?

I’m thinking we start now, and we all start making decorations, we get our homes filled with lights and colours, we start baking some goodies, we get the mistletoe up, and we start getting festive.

Over the past two weeks, I’ve even started watching cheesy Christmas movies, and I find myself soaking up all the warm and fuzzy, feel-good chemicals that come from a happy ending and a bit of love and romance.

I guess if I’d wanted crime, political intrigue, tales of lies and corruption, to be scared out of my mind, I’d just watch the news. I try to relax with something that actually makes me feel good. This just makes sense. 

I should say, this is completely out of character for me. Christmas is usually a time of year I dread, and mostly avoid, except for doing something for charity and going down to Exmouth beach to watch the swim.

This year though, I’ve been inspired by a friend of mine Claire, who goes “all out” for Christmas and starts getting excited around September. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if she spends all year looking forward to it. I think we all need a bit of that enthusiasm at the moment surely?

I remember being back in India and the Divali celebrations (the festival of lights) being so magical. All the light and colour brought joy, happiness and something really special each year. It was like Disneyland for all the family, and a feast for the eyes.

When I spoke to my class this morning, I asked them how it was back in the UK.

“Gloomy”, was the answer I got, almost unanimously.

So I tried to bring some colour and light to their day, but I knew it needed more.

I’m thinking making personalised stockings, gingerbread houses, tree decorations, and putting lights everywhere! What has happened to me?

I realise that I might be missing home, and all the things I used to avoid, I’m feeling oddly nostalgic about.

Walking around Dubrovnik the other day, I saw the lights going up on the Stradun, and I wondered who was going to be switching them on and whether I should go along. Then I had a longing to be in Topsham or Exeter with friends, drinking mulled wine, wearing furry boots, woolly hat and scarf, and feeling all romantic.

I guess that’s not going to happen this year for many of us, as we face quite a different kind of Christmas that we are perhaps used to.

In many ways, some of the pressure is taken away, expectations will be less, and I certainly hope that we realise that it’s not about the giving of presents, but more about presence. Maybe we start to see that “less is more” and that the making of the stocking is more important than the monetary value of the goods that go in it.

Maybe we will come to appreciate the value of human connection, of love, and of taking care of one other, and remember what Christmas is all about.

One thing is for sure. We could do with something to celebrate right now. An array of light and colour around us surely isn’t going to go amiss. And if all else fails, the movies are there to remind us that miracles can happen at Christmas.

Love It Forward

As published in The Express and Echo

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel a little more hopeful than before.

I feel the tide is turning, and after a period of harsh division and in-fighting, it feels like people are starting to come together again.

It’s been down to just a few key individuals, in particular, my current hero Marcus Rashford.

At just 22 years old, he has brought together a nation in a fight to persuade the Government to supply free school meals to vulnerable children throughout the school holidays.

Of course, the fact that it takes a campaign for this is, in itself, pretty shocking, but the response he has got has restored my pride in the United Kingdom.

It seems like it’s no longer about politics, it’s about humanity, and the values that we hold dear as a society. Everyone I know is behind him, in admiration, and what’s encouraging is that there are others, like Raheem Sterling, following suit.

What a way to use your celebrity status. What a role model for the younger generation.

One of the most important lessons my Mum taught me growing up was that not everyone had the same start in life, and we must protect the most vulnerable when we are able to do so.

As both my parents fight the Co-Vid 19 virus, it seems ironic I am reminded of these words. She already has a respiratory condition, and the doctors are having to keep a close eye on her, and it frustrates me that there is absolutely nothing I can do, except support from a distance.

Yet it seems all over the country people are starting to really look out for each other, with those in the hospitality business reaching out to do their bit and offer free meals for children in half-term. We may not each be able to make a difference when it comes to child poverty, just like there’s nothing I can do about getting my Mum better, but there is usually somewhere that we can all do our bit.

It has really got me thinking this week, and I found myself asking “how can I serve?”, “where can I help?”, “in what ways can I make a difference?”, and it’s really shaped my work over the last few days, in a way that I’ve been thanked more than ever before.

One of my students, the incredible Sacha Romanovitch from Exmouth, has just been awarded an OBE for the work she did throughout lockdown supporting the financial wellbeing of those with low financial resilience, including leading a Co-Vid 19 Resilience Fund. I could not have been more proud of her. I knew she was formidable – kind and strong – but I didn’t know what she had been going through.

When I wrote to congratulate her, she wrote back “you have no idea how much you kept me going throughout lockdown”. It was the best compliment I could have received, and it felt good.

It feels good to do good.

Sometimes we are making a difference even without realising it, and even though there are so many situations where we can’t help when we would so desperately like to help, imagine if more and more of us just starting to focus on what we can do.

It will spread, like “paying it forward”, we can love it forward, and maybe, just maybe, we will all get through this together.

Earth Angels

Written by Gillie Sutherland and published in The Express and Echo

In a world where there seems so much focus on what divides us, I’m often drawn towards the things that connect and unite us.

For instance, the presence of angels is a phenomenon that most religions agree on.

Tonight reminded me that angels come in many forms, and it’s brought me a sense of peace as I wind down for the evening.

Sometimes angels come in human form. Friends we know that are always there for us, that consider what we may he going for, and reach out to help without us even asking.

My friend Rob from Exmouth is such a person. He was originally a yoga student of mine, coming to classes in Topsham and at Powderham Castle, and we formed a solid friendship which has been equally nourishing and inspiring.

Against the odds, with my dodgy WiFi connection tonight, we chat about everything that has been going on in our lives; his empathetic nature meant that he knew this was a difficult time for me in terms of my work, and his support felt like a warm hug from across the seas.

We got chatting about the importance of connection, and how many have struggled through this time due to lack of social engagement.

I told him about my latest findings, in how important oxytocin is in reducing stress and keeping us in a state of wellbeing.

We release oxytocin when we give birth and take that first look at our newborn, but also when we cuddle, when we move to music, and when we enjoy time with loved ones.

It’s also released through connection to our pets and I was interested to hear that more and more people since lockdown have been acquiring pets.
Rob told me that lords and ladies back in mediaeval times would sleep with their pets at the bottom of the bed. They prrovided comfort and safety and a feeling of being nourished.

I know this feeling so well.

My little cat Lucky Boots has been my faithful friend, my protector, my cuddle companion, and a true earth angel to me over the years. He sleeps with me on the bed and often puts his paw across my arm when Im dropping off to sleep as if to say “you’re ok, just rest now”.

I felt the presence of angels once more this week though. It had been a challenging week, but then I discovered that the cat is been feeding for a friend had just given birth.

I heard the cute little meows and when I went to look, there were the most adorable little furry faces staring back at me. My heart was melting. All was well in the world again. I had a new sense of purpose, making sure I looked after their mum and gave them the best start in life I could.

I never gave birth myself so I haven’t experienced that big dose of oxytocin that comes from having your own child, but this gave me enough of a boost to know what it’s about.

Whether earthly or ethereal, one thing I know for sure is that there are angels everywhere, and I feel blessed to know this.

Classes Update from Gillie

Due to popular demand and the growing tribe of Rise and Shine yogis, I am adding in an extra weekly class, meaning that you can do 3 times a week online with me. You can attend the live class or you also get the recording of the class to watch at a time that suits you, and as many times as you like!

July Zoom Classes

Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.15am

Saturdays 10 – 11am

*** Sign up for unlimited classes in July before end of June and get 2 free classes (Saturday 27th June and Tuesday 30th June 2020)

July Class Pass

Get all 12 classes for just £35 include recordings of all of the classes


Block of 4 classes

Get 4 classes plus recordings to be used throughout the month of July for just £20


Single Class Booking

Book for one class and attend live plus get the recording to keep


Solstice Yoga Fest HR/UK 2020

Let’s come together to celebrate

Summer Solstice in 2020!

Movement, Music, Meditation

We may have different time zones, mountains and rivers, but we are all connected by the same Sun, Earth, Sea, Air, and Sky!

In this International Yoga Event, with live cello accompaniment, which will be held in Molunat, Croatia, but streamed live across countries via Zoom, we join together to honour all that we share.

Saturday 20th June 2020

9am – 11.30 am British Summertime

1000 – 1230hr Croatia and Central Europe

*** Pre-booking is essential. Sign up below before 15th June to get discounted rate of 10 Euros!

Soul Flow Workshop

2 1/2 hour s of mindful, flowing yoga and meditation set to an uplifting musical playlist led by Gillie Sutherland


About The Event

For the first time, we will be bringing together students from all over the World to the same sacred space to celebrate our unity and solidarity, in a culture of diversity and inclusivity.

I will be streaming live from Molunat, on the very southern end of Croatia, and if it is accesible for you, I would love for you to join me in person.

For those further afield, you can join us live on Zoom, where we can interact in real time.

For two and a half hours, we will meditate, salute the sun, share time and space, and cultivate a loving compassion in and around us.

We will also be joined by SPECIAL GUEST Jo Hooper, who will be playing cello music she created especially to accompany yoga.

This is open for all levels. As long as you can breathe, you can do this!

Pre-registration is essential. Please sign up above and you will receive joining details by email.

About The Summer Solstice

As the longest day of the year, throughout time, the Summer Solstice has been marked by festivals and rituals as the day we are fully awake, and our spirits are alive, as we are bathed in the energy of the sun.

Ancient monuments, such as Stonehenge are thought to be have been built to slign with the Sun during the solstice, and cultures all

The Summer Solstice is an exact planetary moment, when the tilt of the Earth birngs us closest to the sun, meaning it takes place at the same moment all around the World.

What a perfect day to celebrate our Global Connectedness, and that no matter how far apart we may be, we all share the same sun?

Midsummer, as it is also known, is a reminder of all the magical in nature, and a time to fully embrace all that you love about life.

This is what this event is all about. Nature, love, and global connectedness.

About Me

My belief is that “the closer you are to nature, the healthier you are”.

When we feel connected to the world around us, when we align ourselves with nature, and come into a state of harmony with the world arund us.

This helps us “be love” and “spread love” – what our planet needs right now.

I have over 20 years of experience in the field of wellbeing, which has included scientific study or the body, as well as the more spiritual aspects during my time living in India.

What I love is how the two worlds of science and spirituality are starting to come together, and this movement is helping raise the consciousness of the planet.

My work is inspired by nature, but grounded in science, and more recently I have been studying the work of Nikola Tesla, and my classes are based around raising our vibrational frequency to the energy of love – 528 hertz!

I love bringing people into yoga that haven’t done it before, I love making people smile whilst they are practising yoga, and I love inspiring people to lead healthier and happier lives.

My classes are based on my values of inclusivity, accessibility, compassion, and love. You are all welcome!

If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to contact me on