Pride On The Beach


It’s the Summer Solstice…. ☀️

It’s Exmouth Pride …. 🌈

And it’s time to get down to the beach for some feel-good Wild Yoga 🌸🌊😎🙏

Celebrating love in all it’s forms, diversity and inclusivity, equality, freedom, and solidarity… 

“We’re all in this together…We are all different, but we are all equal!”

So this is yoga for everyone!

The Big One 🌈🌈🌈

Yoga On The Beach session for one person Saturday 20th June 2020 10am Exmouth Beach


So what’s so special about this one??

It’s all about Good Vibes, Love In All It’s Forms, and Summer!

For the first time, we are part of Exmouth Pride. We did a session on the beach last year, and then went along to the festival afterwards for a daytime dance, and it was awesome!!

It’s all about love and diversity, and it felt so aligned to our values here at Flow Yoga Devon.

For me, in my sessions, I like to show people that we are all different, and that yoga is for everyone!

We are all creatures of nature, we are all unique plants, and when put in the right environment, we bloom!!

In yoga we recognise that each of us have a unique light within us, and when raise our vibrational frequency (through mindful movement and being in nature), we can shine our lights out into the world with a sense of freedom and pride!!

If you’ve not tried Yoga On The Beach before, I invite you to come along and experience the good vibes of being by the sea, feel good movement with a sense of fun, and the love of the rainbow warriors that come along… ❤️🌈🙏

If you’ve any questions then drop me an email on or sign up at the button above and come feel the love

Gillie xxx