Elysium @ Revitalize

Find a piece of “Heaven On Earth”, and keep your light shining in the dark.

Elysium Workshop – Sat 21st Dec 12-3pm

A 3 hour yoga workshop for all levels at the beautiful Revitalize Studios in Topsham. Combining a feel-good flow to music and a nourishing and healing restorative sequence to leave you glowing from the inside-out.


About The Workshop

Bring the light into the darker days with this uplifting but cosy, self-healing workshop with Gillie Sutherland.
* Escape the stress of silly season, and take some time for you
* Discover how to feel that glow inside no matter what’s going on outside
* Find that inner sanctuary, your place of peace, a slice of heaven on earth that you can access at anytime

heaven on earth


This 3 hour workshop is designed for student at all levels. Combining mindful movement, yoga, tai chi and somatics, we will learn ways to keep our spirits up and our lights shining.
Starting with a more flowing, dynamic, but slow and sensual sequence set to music to warm the body, we will release old tensions and find some joy within.
Towards the end we will enjoy some nurturing yin-style poses, using bolsters and blankets, lavender eye pillows, seeting the time to “hygge”.
You will leave refreshed and renewed and ready to face the seasonal festivities with a sense of courage, calm and serenity.
The soundtrack will be on your mind for months to come, as you embrace the New Year, and “leave your fears behind you”. but don’t worry, when you sign up you’ll also get the sequence to follow at home, along with the music!
To book your place click on the link above to pay via Paypal or email gilliesutherland@me.com