Soma Ease “Rocking and Rolling”

“Your issues are held in your tissues!”

Every memory we ever had is held in the body, and unless it is released, it will stay there, leading to numerous problems, in our physical body, but also in our nervous system.

The secret to feeling calm and grounded, and to having a body free from pain and stress, lies in our connective tissues, and the functioning of our Autonomic Nervous System.

In this experiential workshop you will learn:

  • Self-soothing techniques such as rocking to put the body to induce safety and calm
  • The role of the vagus nerve in staying physically and emotionally balanced
  • How to identify where you may be holding onto stress and tension
  • Movement practices and massage techniques to roll out the issues in your tissues

All levels are welcome. This is a somatic practise, focused on the feeling sense rather than pose-led yoga sequences. The goal is healing, not any aesthetic.

No specialised equipment is necessary, except a rolled up yoga mat, and cushions and blankets for comfort.

The session is led by Gillie Sutherland, a highly experienced Yoga Teacher and Trainer, and Movement Specialist with over 30 years of experience.

For Yoga Teachers, this workshop can count towards CPD.

Cost of workshop: £12 (or free if you are on a Monthly Pass)

Sign up below or contact me on email to pay by BACS

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