What’s On in July 2022

Hello beautiful souls,

Well the sun is shining and the flowers are well and truly in bloom, and it’s almost time for a new month.

I’m getting organised a little ahead of myself as I have a short break before the next group of wild ones arrive in Cavtat tomorrow.

For the rest of the week I will still be streaming live on weekday mornings, and there will also be a few extra sessions I have recorded whilst out and about! If you missed this month then you have the option of signing up for July and getting next week for free. A little incentive if you’ve got out of the swing of things. And don’t worry if you have, it’s human! 

In July, I am taking inspiration from the Dandelion – often overlooked as weed, it is actually a very powerful medicine, and a symbol of growth, hope and healing. This will be our focus for the month and as well as the daily weekday mornings, July’s Movement Masterclass will be all about healing, using rocking and rolling techniques to iron out stress and long-held tension. 

Our Full Moon Circle will be a little earlier on July 8th 2022 (we will be preparing in advance of the moon this month!), as I will be pre-recording classes for the following week and taking a few days off.

Options for packages this month are:

* Full Wild Warriors Pass – unlimited classes, access to recordings, Movement Masterclass and Full Moon Circle £40

* Light Warriors Psss- live weekday morning classes plus recordings of these classes £25

* Movement Masterclass £15

* Full Moon Circle £10

* Weekly Pass £12

* Single Class £6

I am also offering a special “6 Weeks of Summer” for Teachers and Students, with unlimited access for 6 weeks for £50 just for summer. 

You can pay at www.paypal.me/gilliesutherland.

For those that sign up I am also happy for you to gift a free week to a friend you think may be interested for any week in July. Do feel free to email me with any questions you have. I have attached the month’s schedule.

Looking forward to seeing you in the virtual garden. 

Big love

Gillie xxx

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