Full Moon Circle

It’s Witching Hour!!

Join us around the virtual fire to harness the power and potential of this month’s Strawberry Moon, which also happens to be a Supermoon, the brightest of the year!

It’s a powerful Full Moon this month. and whether we like it or not, it’s going to affect us. Just consider the fact that that we are 70-80% water, and look at the effect the moon has on the tides, and it makes sense that it also has an impact on us.

Maybe you feel a biit more scattered in your thinking that usual, maybe you struggle to sleep, and maybe you are experiencing heightened emotions? That is all entirely normal, so know that you are not alone.

So how do we work with this powerful energy?

Well, it’s actually quite simple. We embody the state of water. We flow. We allow the feelings to come, we let them pass through us. But we need to move, in a way that water moves.

We need to feel our feelings, feel them to heal, and we need to take the space through meditation for this to happen.

It also helps to be in a supportive and nurturing environment, around others who are maybe feeling the same.

In this Online Full Moon Circle, I will guide you through some movement and meditation to help you work through this, so you can sleep better and let the body work it’s magic , healing what needs to healed, releasing what needs to be released.

We will end with a Power Animal Card Reading, guidance from the natural world to help us move forwards with intent.

Sign up below on Paypal or drop me an email on gilliesutherland@me.com to pay by BA

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