Full Moon Party

Let’s join together around the virtual fire, put on the music and move our way to freedom through the Full Moon!

Date: Friday 19th November 2021

Time: 630-8pm UK time, 1930-2100 CET**

With Gillie Sutherland


**Live on Zoom but also recorded to watch later


The body knows how to heal, it just needs the right environment, to be placed in a state of primal trust, and to be guided into a state of mindful awareness, where the movement becomes instinctive and intuitive.

This is a session for all levels, you don’t need to be able to dance or be experienced in yoga. And the beauty is you can do it from anywhere, wear whatever you like, and move in whatever way feels good for you!

Dance like no-one’s watching! (Because no one is!)

In the first hour, we will move to the music, a journey from grounding to releasing, then in the second half, we will take to the floor for some Somatic Groundwork for mind and body healing, and to enable a good night’s sleep!

You will learn a little about the Full Moon and some ancient rituals to harness it’s full potential.

It’s Witching Hour!!

So come and join us around the fire, and let’s dance it out together!!

Book your place below or email me gilliesutherland@me.com

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