Embracing Autumn Workshop

It’s Time To Harvest Nature’s Bounty!

We can learn so much from Mother Earth, especially at this time of year as we approach the Autumn (Fall) Equinox and obesrve the incredible change in the seasons, and how things can transform almost overnight.

The darker months ahead are nothing to fear, but we need an understanding of the body’s different needs at different times of the year in order to harness it’s full power and potential.

This is an experiential workshop to help you move into the next season with grace and flow.

Letting go like the leaves of the tree, building rituals to nourish you through the cooler months, and balancing the lightness and darkness, this is a great time for self-care and for transformation.

Through mindful movement and meditation, we will look to nature as our teacher, and how beautifully she moves into Autumn.

This year the Autumn Equinox aligns with the Harvest Moon, making it the most powerful one of the year!

It’s a time when everything is illuminated, in order to gather the harvest. The full moon sheds its bright light, making everything easy to see and gather.

If you’ve been feeling low on energy, like your battery is empty, then this is a perfect chance to recharge and reset for the season ahead.

This workshop is for all levels, for we are all perfectly unique flowers in the garden, or leaves of the tree!

Come and join us for this nourishing,, nature-inspired workshop this Sunday morning 10am-12pm.

Only £10 per person

Book your place below

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