Back To Basics Course


What is inside us in stronger than what is outside us!

It may feel like so much is out of our hands, but there is so much in our body (and in our mind) that is under our Conscious Control.

Yes, our health is in our hands.

Science has shown that we can change our physiology at a cellular level through choosing our thoughts, doing breathwork, getting better quality sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and getting the right type and right amount of exercise.

Many of these things we know we should be doing them, but the question is “are we doing them?”, and if not, why not???

The key is in our habits, the neural pathways ingrained in us, we get used to doing things a certain way, and it feels difficult to change.

This is why we need that little bit extra support, a structured programme to follow, a kickstart to developing new healthy habits we can sustain for a long time.

This is where my Coaching comes in. As well as offering regular morning sessions for Movement, Mindfulness and Motivation, I also understand what it takes to develop new routines, how behavior change works, and what makes people stick to their new regimes.

It can be as simple as a Morning Ritual, what you do in that first hour of the day!

In 21 days you will have a new habit!! And then it’s easy!!

This Back To Basics course is all about building strength and resilience – emotional as well as physical muscle!

We will be looking at the following themes:

  • Focusing on those things that under our Conscious Control
  • Developing Primal Trust – the feeling we are safe, and that “all is well”
  • How to get Better Quality Sleep
  • Core Integrity – the way the body self-stabilises
  • Regulating The Nervous System and Strengthening The Immune System

We start on Sunday 5th September 2021 10am-12pm (1100-1300hr CET) to give you a kickstart to the programme and all the information you need for the month ahead. This, like all the other sessions, is recorded so you can watch it anytime.

Each weekday morning we are live on Zoom as a group for some Movement, Mindfulness and Motivation, and you also get the chance to interact and ask me any questions you like I’m here to support your journey and I want to help you feel stronger, healthier and happier, as well as back in the driving seat when it comes to your well-being.

The cost of the course is just £37. this includes 21 days of classes, daily motivation and extra resources.

What’s more is that you get to gift it to a friend (or share the cost!) so you can support and motivate each other along the way.

Sign up for the 4 week course below or drop me an email to pay by BACS.

If you’d like to try out a week, or just pay weekly, then choose the Weekly option.

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